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Transformative Change in the South African Mining Sector

Transformative Change in the South African Mining Sector

The South African mining sector has faced its own fair share of challenges over the past few years. Changes in economy, complexities with labour, rising costs, and political uncertainty have taken their toll on an industry once known for its stability. In 2020, this picture has slowly changed, in spite of an even more uncertain and volatile situation. Over the past year, mining has been turning around – the lumbering beast slowly gaining momentum in terms of growth and employment.

How Automation Can Drive Safety In the Mining Sector

How Automation Can Drive Safety In the Mining Sector

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mining sector, with the mining
and quarrying industries contracting by 73.1% between Q1 and Q2 of 2020, contributing significantly
to SA’s overall GDP contraction of some 16.4%. A negative impact on the mining sector is therefore a negative impact on the country. Local mining companies simply cannot afford any further financial shrinkage due to operational closure. Mining executives need to strike the right balance between productivity, cost and specifically safety. Safety is even more paramount, especially now when the COVID-19 pandemic is still rife.
Striking this right balance requires innovative thinking and technology.