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Let’s explain

When your organisation first identifies the need for Digital Transformation in any area, our team of specialists follow a methodical process to help you audit, evaluate and diagnose areas that require migration, re-development, or systems upgrading. We assess the overall state of your company’s Digital Framework, and then deep dive into specific areas to formulate recommendations for digital strategies. This surgical approach allows for the most efficient and effective Digital Transformation strategy by prioritising the relevant, urgent or necessary areas first while identifying areas that require long-term planning for large and legacy systems.


Digital Transformation Advisory Services performs the following functions:


  • Exploratory workshops to uncover your digital transformation maturity and possible roadblocks.
  • Readiness assessments (Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, etc).
  • Positioning of BCX solutions and offerings in the form of pre-defined value propositions.
  • Facilitation of specific inn ovation workshops and taking your organisation from a point of ideation to strategy.


 We'll need just a few details from you, and one of our specialists will be in touch 




The first step on your digital transformation journey is to complete the BCX Digital Readiness Assessment, facilitated by our team of experts. We assess the readiness of your organisation to engage in digital business, by examining several internal and external factors, such as your level of customer engagement, your staff, partners, suppliers, and key business processes, as well as your current Information Technology (IT) systems and infrastructure.

The Digital Readiness Assessment is useful for any organisation that is ready to start shaping and driving its digital strategy. Our goal is to help you understand the digital capabilities your business needs to successfully make the transition to an optimised digital business model. Even if you’ve already embarked on a Digital Transformation journey, the Digital Readiness Assessment can provide insights into any challenges you may be experiencing.

BCX has a multitude of innovative technologies in our portfolio, and the way your business chooses to adopt them is the essence of Digital Transformation. BCX is here to guide you on your Digitalization journey which will influence how people work, form relationships to collaborate, and solve problems in your company. Adopting a Digital Transformation Strategy will ultimately streamline your operation by optimising processes, and will help to reduce costs, improve productivity, increase profit, reduce risk, increase your competitive advantage and mobilise your workforce. 


    Digital Transformation Consulting ties together the BCX solution set. Interpreting the maturity ratings obtained from the readiness assessment, the solution provides clients with a programme of initiatives for digital transformation, combining various BCX components/offerings to deliver and operationalise the initiatives.


      We also design pre-defined solutions which address specific pain points through pre-configured solution stacks, such as:


      • Customer Experience Innovations.
      • Enhancing Workforce Experience.
      • Collaboration Platforms for Supplier / Partner Experience.
      • The digital transformation consulting offering is comprehensive in that its starting point is an understanding of the current status of your digital transformation journey and delivers on the actual end-to-end solution offerings.

      Consultative approach

      A deeper understanding of problem areas to ensure an accurate solution

      Innovation Workshops

      Providing thought leadership and strategy for innovative digital solutions which will enable you to re-invent your customer’s experience through optimising your operations.

      Readiness Assessments

      Identifying the gaps in maturity to understand where the focus should be.