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      Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR. Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR.

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      Increase productivity & build a culture of innovation

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      Meet the challenges of disruption & cyber security

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      Empower your patients & leverage data by deploying customised solutions

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      Embrace the changing retail landscape & know your customer

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      Use digital transformation to grow the economy & build capacity

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      Specialized digital diagnostics, solutioning, consulting, development and maintenance across legacy and cloud-based systems.

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      Innovation through simply navigating the complex

      Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation is an inevitable journey that all organisations need to embark on, fundamentally changing the way in which business is done, and customers are serviced. It is a journey that begins by evaluating the way your organisation works, communicates, connects and collaborates. This evaluation process assesses the digital maturity, and current technology initiatives of your company, to help build your Digital Strategy and design a Roadmap for the journey. The Digital Strategy is the bridge between a company’s Business Strategy and their IT Strategy and is a strategic framework for creating and optimising the organisation’s digital business model. The Roadmap gives a prioritised view of business initiatives that you need to execute on in order reach your digital goals Should you wish to take a deep dive into your enterprise landscape to enhance your roadmap even further, we can also extend our reviews with additional automated interrogations, through tools which can scan your systems and application landscape. Although this advisory phase of the journey forms part of a comprehensive Digital Transformation product suite, companies may choose to take it as a stand-alone service to identify their Digital needs or take a checkpoint in their current transformation journey.

Once the framework for your overall Digital Strategy is in place, it is time to look at Solutioning. Our technology strategists will perform a targeted workload analysis for specific initiatives. When all the parameters are understood, the Digital Specialists will apply design thinking while considering the unique needs and systems of the organisation. We evaluate the needs and functions of all the systems linked to the initiative and identify priorities in order to build a migration plan. This migration plan takes many factors into account including the day-to-day business needs of your company, corporate communications and online or cloud considerations, people, process, technology coverage, legacy systems upgrades, your peak business cycles and change-control. By designing a solution which takes all these factors into consideration, it ensures that the digital initiative links to the overall transformation Roadmap, and can be developed and seamlessly implemented in the Digital Delivery phase with minimal down-time. Our Solutioning offering can form part of a full Digital Transformation package, or as a separate service.

Digital Transformation Delivery comprises Transformation, Implementation, Change Management, and finally the Managed Services. It is the point where we take the Digital Solution and put it into action through infrastructure, application and data migration, and further platform configuration to get your solution live. This is all supported by change management covering all aspects of people, process, and technology, ensuring that your organisation is ready to embrace the new technology in support of enhanced customer experience. We also offer ongoing management and maintenance services of your solution whether this is in the Cloud or in a Hybrid environment, providing support and platform-specific services long after implementation. A cross-check to your Digital Transformation Strategy as well as your larger Roadmap will form an important part of the processes and milestones at this stage. Although this is the final step for a solution, this is not the final step in the journey. The solutioning and delivery stages can be repeated for each initiative, using the Digital Strategy and Roadmap as the guiding framework throughout the journey. BCX is committed to be your partner throughout this exiting and ongoing journey of Digital Transformation.


Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation


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Digital Transformation


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Digital Transformation equips your organisation to meet the needs of your future customers in a world of ever-changing tools and technologies. Whether you choose to start the journey at the beginning with us, or pick up at any stage along the way, our team of specialists will help your company to seamlessly integrate processes, systems, customers, partners, and employees. With the right tools, you’ll be capacitated to create new products, services, and business models.

Our partnerships with the world’s most trusted names in technology are backed up by over 100 years of expertise. Just as we’ve done for our current and former clients, which range from JSE-listed enterprises, through government departments, to medium businesses, we can support your Digital Transformation journey with a unique set of skills and services.


Unmatched Data Centre and Network Infrastructure

BCX has access to three Tier 4 data centres, 147 000 kms of fibre and over 2 700 mobile sites integrated throughout South Africa.

Unrivalled ICT Solutions Set

We have incomparable ICT (Information and Communications Technology) capabilities and are the market leaders in both ICT and Telecommunications.

BCX knows your Industry

We are the market leaders for IT (Information Technology) in Retail, Mining & Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services (Gartner). We are also a key solutions provider for the Government Sector.

Leader in Service Excellence

BCX has the highest ITIL maturity rating on the African continent – at 4.25 (Pink Elephant: 2014)

Unparalleled Geographic Reach

We have trained IT field engineers in six African countries, the UK and UAE and across South Africa.

Strategic Vendor Relationships

Our partnerships with 48 of the worlds’ best names in technology means you have the broadest choice.