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A reliable Wide Area Network is a critical function of any business that needs to run multiple offices and remote sites. Maintaining communication between these locations begins with building solid connectivity channels over which network traffic can be routed. There are multiple options to connect your different offices, to ensure the fastest and most reliable communications between departments. 


The different parts of a business need to act in unison. They cannot operate in isolation, and it is essential that they be connected with a fast and reliable access network. BCX’s offerings include both fiber and legacy copper connectivity solutions, to ensure that data flows continuously without interruptions. 


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Choose BCX as your ACCESS NETWORK Partner

BCX offers several product variations:

Metro Ethernet

The Metro Ethernet (ME) network is a Layer 2 technology that delivers cost-effective, high-speed connectivity for metropolitan-area network (MAN) and wide-area network (WAN) applications.

 ME’s retail offerings are as follows:

  • MetroLink– Point to point dedicated layer 2 connectivity service with speeds from 1Mbps – 1Gbps depending on the access type (i.e. Direct Fibre, VDSL/GPON, No End Device Demarcation, Microwave and Satellite)
  • MetroLAN-Point to Multi Point Virtual Private LAN Service, with speed from 1Mbps-1Gbps depending on the access type.

Multi-tenant access_3rd is a capability to enable the provision of services to BCX customers at multi-tenant sites (Shopping malls, business parks/offices) using 3rd parties as last mile providers.

LAN Connect

LAN Connect  is a point to point, fibre based high speed access that complements the ME product for speeds higher than 1Gbps, in increments of 1Gbps and 10Gbps.


Diginet is a legacy product, the strategy is to migrate the Diginet services to Next Generation solutions. Diginet is BCX’s dedicated, synchronous data transfer service. Diginet basic offers data speed of between 1.2 KBit/s up to 64 Kbit/s. Diginet Plus offers speeds ranging between 128Kbit/s up to 1984Kbit/s


We provide you with a secure connection through our reliable networks, to ensure that your data is protected. BCX is a proud Tier 1 B-BBEE provider