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BCX Redefined Repositioning the Brand

18 July, 2022

15 July 2022, Centurion – The ICT company BCX, today revealed its new brand positioning to reflect its role as an evolving company in today’s constantly changing business landscape. Focusing on evolution and growth, BCX’s fresh look evokes its transformation from a digital solutions provider into one of the largest systems integrators and digital transformation enablers in its chosen markets.  

BCX Chief Marketing Officer, Mandisa Ntloko-Petersen says, “We are at a pivotal point of transforming our business. The repositioning of our brand is a natural step in our journey to remain one of the largest ICT companies in our chosen markets by consistently adapting to the changing market and reaffirming our commitment to our clients and stakeholders. This is the next phase of our evolution; we are a business on a new and exciting journey with a massive transformative purpose – to reinvent future human experiences through creativity and technology.”  

Ultimately, says Ntloko-Petersen, technology is about people. We are on a mission to inspire clients with the latest digital technologies needed to transform their customers’ experiences and augment their businesses.

BCX supplies a wide spectrum of ICT services and latest technologies that are adapted and integrated across every aspect of a business from digital connectivity to complete cloud computing solutions, through to a comprehensive stack of digital transformation solutions and consulting services. The company has a strong 43-year heritage and is one of a few in the country that can deliver end-to-end integrated digital transformation technologies across a single business, using its extensive partner ecosystem and specialised expertise.  

BCX’s brand promise – ‘our most important customer, is yours’ – is being brought to life through a series of imagery and headlines reflecting the constantly shifting nature of the business and the world of technology.  

Fractals are at the centre of this latest look. Fractals are never-ending complex patterns that are repeated across different scales. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems that unite creativity and consistency. This reflects the dynamic systems that BCX adapts, integrates, manages and supports with consistency and excellence. The text underpinning this reinforces the notion of creativity and technology: “Reimagine growth. Reimagine evolution. Reimagine excellence.”   

Ntloko-Petersen concludes: “BCX is on an exciting trajectory, from a leading provider of digital solutions to an innovator and integrator of human-centric technologies that power how people learn, live and work.”  

To view the new brand video, click here

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