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BCX launches a free digital learning platform
5 Nov, 2017

05 November 2017, Johannesburg — BCX has launched a revolutionary digital learning platform designed to propel South African education into the digital future by providing free access to online educational content.

 Learners, educators, school administrators and parents will be able to access maths and science learning material at, with no charge for the content.

“ will revolutionise the way schools approach technology and teaching, and will remove barriers to learning for schools and learners,” says Ian Russell, CEO of BCX. “Learners will have free access to education services and tools, as well as all the material in the standard national curriculum – from Grade 4 to Grade 12.”

 To empower learners and enable them to study outside the classroom, will also feature supplementary interactive educational material. The platform also gives schools the opportunity to create their own websites and tailor-make content to suit their environment — free of charge.

In addition, people who access through the Telkom network and mobile will not pay any data costs.

 “We are pioneering a new digital landscape – a free digital learning platform where technology and education work hand-in-hand to move the country forward. We are confident that will revolutionise the way learners and educators approach technology and education,” says Russell.

According to the World Bank, supporting access to education is one of the surest ways to end poverty. The organisation’s World Development Indicators (WDI) database has shown that for every dollar spent on education, GDP grows by an average of $20.


“ was designed to tackle the challenges that currently face the South African basic education system,” says Russell. “We’re technology optimists, and we hold a long-term view of what it will take to enable success in South Africa; technology needs to lead the way.”


“Through, we are providing young people with access to content and technology to equip future leaders with digital skills.


About BCX

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