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BCX Disrupt Summit
5 Nov, 2019

BCX in partnership with BrainFarm, tracked down global visionary disruptors across industries and continents to bring us the first ever BCXDisrupt Summit which was held on 16 and 17 November, the first of its kind in Africa.

 We created a platform for great minds to share their stories and insights, reveal challenges that shaped them (but didn’t define them) and the moments that illuminated their thinking. We asked questions, we learnt, we debated.

The BCXDisrupt Summit 2017 promised that “You’ll never think the same again”, and it changed us – it woke us up to the realisation that there are infinite possibilities for disruption.

We’re sharing content from the Summit, which you can access right now from the links below. Get inspired and begin your journey of disruption.

 Some great news! BCXDisrupt Summit is coming again in 2018. Don’t miss out. Click here for more info or stay in touch with us on Twitter #BCXMeetthefuture for updates.



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