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Home > Innovation through retail loyalty

Innovation through retail loyalty

20 April, 2020

During the COVID-19 South African shutdown, consumers once again realised their dependence on essential goods provided by their retailer. As South Africa comes to grips with the national lockdown, many consumers are faced with the challenge to plan for their retail purchases and limit their trips outside their homes whenever possible, thereby contributing to ‘flatten the curve’.

The current COVID-19 context within our country has made it abundantly clear that technology is, and will, play a major role in transforming the retail industry.

BCX, in partnership with Customer Science Lab, is conducting a Retail Loyalty Programme Survey to gain valuable insights into how people feel about retail loyalty programmes. This survey investigates areas where technology will transform the retail industry in South Africa and drive stronger customer relationships by offering more value.

This research was initiated to obtain essential insights that will drive technology investment in the Retail Loyalty industry transforming the consumer experience to drive value, convenience, and relevance.

This research project is being conducted by Dr Sonja Fourie, the CEO of Customer Science Lab. “The objective of this survey is to gain a deeper understanding of the ability of loyalty programmes within the retail industry and to build valuable relationships through the application of technology and customer service,” Dr Fourie explains. “Embracing digital transformation enabling new and innovative customer journeys will drive superior performance in the retail industry.” Dr Fourie says.

She goes on to say that the survey also aims to inform investment decisions through advanced data science and outside-in measures which are focused on the Voice of the Customer (VoC), enabling data-lead loyalty programme designs improving customer value and their overall experience.

Effective loyalty programmes change consumer behaviour as they create value and deeper customer-supplier relationships,” Dr Fourie adds.

She also points out that retail loyalty programmes should not merely be centred around discounts or expenses on income statements.

To this end, BCX, in partnership with Customer Science Lab, is conducting this survey to explore, among other things:

  1. Value drivers for retail loyalty programmes;
  2. Barriers to enrolment and participation in retail loyalty programmes;
  3. Opportunities for advanced technologies in retail loyalty programmes.

Retail Loyalty Survey

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