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      Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR. Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR.

      Mining Sector

      Increase productivity & build a culture of innovation

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      Meet the challenges of disruption & cyber security

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      Empower your patients & leverage data by deploying customised solutions

      Retail Sector

      Embrace the changing retail landscape & know your customer

      Government Sector

      Use digital transformation to grow the economy & build capacity

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    • Innovation Through Simply Navigating The Complex

      Specialized digital diagnostics, solutioning, consulting, development and maintenance across legacy and cloud-based systems.

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      Innovation through simply navigating the complex

      Digital Transformation

      Intelligent systems upgrading


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      Tools to streamline operations


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      Computing for today & the future


      Protection for your critical systems


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Benefits of BCX full-service security portfolio

Business resilience

Gain greater resilience through proactive security, compliance and continuity.

Best practice risk mitigation

Cover your organisation against the gamut of business risks with our global best practice models and solutions.


Assure stakeholders and regulators that your organisation adheres to all regulations, frameworks, SLAs and best practice.


Benefit from the experience and qualifications of BCX’s expert cybersecurity teams at your disposal.

BCX Secure for unparalleled full-service security

Traditional cybersecurity threat prevention and detection is no longer enough to withstand a sustained onslaught of cybersecurity attacks. At BCX, we are reimagining trust and reinventing approaches to security. We take an integrated approach to all aspects of cybersecurity: expert security and risk management, security architecture and engineering, network security, identity and access management, security operations, asset security, and software development security to deliver full-service peace of mind.

Security and Risk Management

Security and Risk Management

Support business resilience, compliance and productivity with our expert security and risk management capabilities.

Get expert guidance across security policies, frameworks, technologies, incident response plans and more.

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Security Assessment
and Testing

Get a true picture of your organisation’s security posture and risk with our expert assessment and testing capabilities.

Find your security and compliance weak spots and get actionable insights to enhance your security strategy.

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Security Assessment and Testing

Security Assessment and Testing

Security Assessment and Testing

Security Architecture and Engineering

Security Architecture
and Engineering

Get BCX’s expert support in building a security architecture that forms a solid foundation for a trusted business.

Our experienced teams will implement endpoint and email security
solutions to protect data and employees wherever they are.

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Communications and Network Security

Secure your organisation on-premise, in the cloud, and across distributed hybrid workforces and partner ecosystems.

BCX advisory, communications and network security experts and network security managed services deliver peace of mind that your data and users are protected and compliant, wherever they are.

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Security Assessment and Testing

Communications and Network Security

Security Assessment and Testing

Security Operations

Security Operations

Get cybersecurity peace of mind 24/7/365, with BCX’s expert teams taking care of your security requirements while you focus on business.

BCX has the experience and expertise to secure even the largest and most complicated enterprise network, using best practice and the most advanced solutions to deliver proactive cyber risk mitigation and rapid response.

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Asset Security

Asset Security

Improve IT asset management and compliance with enhanced visibility and configuration monitoring for devices across campuses, data centres and cloud. Get a single-source-of-truth asset repository to ensure IT teams have access to timely and accurate device information to respond to IT service requests and security incidents. Generate security incidents based on your policies and enable Service Now to initiate automated remediation actions.

Identity and Access Management

Improve security with dynamic credentials and benefit from real-time session monitoring and recording of every keystroke, mouse movement and application access to track who did what and detect anomalies. Our least privileges model provides administrators and other privileged users with the privileges needed to do their jobs – but no more. We will monitor privileged user activities to provide a full audit trail of individual actions, making it easy to report on activity, prove compliance, and reduce the cost of audits.

Software Development Security

Ensure that only secure code is deployed. BCX provides comprehensive security across the software development cycle by identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and compliance violations in IaC templates, container images and git repositories. With IaC scanning backed by an open-source community, and image and code analysis backed by years of expertise and threat research, let us give you centralised visibility and policy controls so your engineering teams can secure their full stack without leaving their tools.

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