What is Security?

At BCX we are committed to helping you implement integrated security solutions that encompass the full spectrum of your operations; from the range of devices that colleagues use, and end-user security education, to the organisation-wide processes and policies you implement to consistently maintain security levels across the various layers of your network.

Our security solutions extend from Perimeter Security, which protects you from unauthorised access to your networks, through Security Management Consulting services, to Endpoint Security, which caters for each and every endpoint created by a remote device on your network – whether PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or even specialised equipment such as bar code readers or point of sale (POS) terminals.

The proliferation of Denial of Service attacks, and malware software, such as worms, viruses, trojans, spyware, and keystroke loggers, means your networks, business systems, processes, and also endpoints, are more vulnerable to attacks, so the need for up-to-date security compliance is greater than ever before. At BCX, skilled and experienced consultants provide insight and guidance to help you analyse, build and manage security products, systems and services, that are customised for the requirements of your industry.

How will Security benefit my business?

Ongoing Continuous Consulting

  • Get access to certified engineers and products from leading anti-virus vendors, 24/7
  • Ensure continuity, optimisation and efficiency of anti-virus product solutions
  • Stay abreast of developments in threats and potential attacks through our BCX Service Management Centre (SMC) and alert services
  • Opt for our Monthly Vulnerability Assessment, a monthly scan of your IT environment to detect known vulnerabilities

End-to-end Security

  • Enhance Perimeter Security across the outer edges of your network as your first line of defence
  • Deploy personal firewalling and host intrusion prevention
  • Minimise threats through application control, deny unauthorised traffic, and deploy the latest anti-malware products
  • Ensure you have Endpoint Security across all business devices

Manage Vulnerabilities

  • Proactively stay informed about the latest threats, detection, and prevention methods

  • Opt for our Early Warning Service, tailored for your Information technology (IT) environment

  • Benefit from our mitigation strategies, which include patch recommendations, managed firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), anti-malware, vulnerability scanning, intrusion protection, and web content filtering

  • Enjoy comprehensive protection through 24/7 monitoring of networks and servers, against threats and unauthorised intrusions, from both internal and external sources


  • Maximise the efficiencies of a scalable solution

  • Get security that is tailored to fit your industry requirements

  • Leverage our expertise and guidance as and when you need it

  • Ensure continuous configuration compliance to technical standards, through our continuous monitoring service, called System Baseline Standard Monitoring

Security Products

Security Management Consulting

Perimeter Security

Endpoint Security

Anti-malware Protection

Bi-Annual Independent Security Assessments

System Baseline Standard Monitoring

Early Warning Service

Vulnerability Management

Managed Security Services: Information Security for Todays Digital World


In today’s converged business environment the multiple threats to the security of your network and compliance issues may make network security seem complex, expensive and risky. Read how BCX simplifies this process, and saves you money, whilst securing your organisation’s most valuable assets.

Why choose BCX?


BCX offers an end-to-end service, from analysis and assessment, through to building and managing your securitya


We offer tools and solutions that extend across your value chain, from Perimeter Security through to Endpoint Security, including end-user education across the range of devices your business may be using


We don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, so you can scale up your security as your business grows, and manage costs effectively


We continuously monitor, assess, and guide you through the latest developments in security threats, to adhere to your industry’s best practice

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