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The power of the Internet of Things comes from the wide range of devices which can now be connected to the Internet. Almost every part of your manufacturing, logistics or sales chain can be enhanced with the right IoT devices. Smart shelves in your warehouses can provide real time stock and inventory control. Quality control sensors on your production lines can catch manufacturing errors before they become costly, and internal sensors on your machinery can report their health and maintenance status.


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Some of the IoT technologies currently being rolled out in smart warehouses include: 

  • Smart HVAC for intelligent, reactive climate control 
  • Autonomous Vehicles, to automatically load shelves and retrieve stock 
  • Wearable Devices, to monitor employee health and productivity 
  • Smart Shelves, to instantly track and monitor stock and inventory 


Some of the IoT technologies currently being rolled out in modern factories include:

  • Quality Control Sensors, which scan products on your assembly line for instant feedback
  • Robots and Heavy Machinery, which can not only be tuned and adjusted in real time, but send health and maintenance status back to your network
  • Security Systems, to record activity on the factory floor and restrict access to authorized personnel


Some of the IoT technologies currently being rolled out in logistics operations include:

Fleet Tracking Devices, to monitor the position and condition of ships, aircraft, trucks and delivery bikes in real time

Refrigerators, to preserve your cold chain by reporting deviations from optimal temperature and transit times.

Navigation Devices, to not only help your drivers reach their destinations, but to plan the optimal route for multiple deliveries