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In today’s digital age, your enterprise needs reliable, secure connectivity which is essential for accessing, processing and disseminating online communication. Enterprises require ubiquitous coverage that is rapidly deployed, giving high-speed connectivity that fits their total cost of ICT ownership and resilience at all their branches to guarantee business continuity. BCX offers a range of different wireless connectivity options, to ensure that your remote sites and locations are not isolated from the rest of your business as you evolve to SD-WAN, high speed WLAN or IoT applications.


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BCX offers a wide range of wireless connectivity options. Whether your remote sites need to be connected to your global WAN, your rural operations need Internet access, or you wish to provide wireless hotspot services to your customers, we have a product to suit your needs


Wireless Communications Solutions (including SD WAN Express)

SDWAN Express: SD-WAN Express is an affordable managed access solution designed for software defined networking.

WCS: This offering provides multi-site connectivity to businesses via various ranges of connectivity methods. This includes pro-active monitoring,  networks status visibility based on customer requirements and redundancy.


M2M (Payments)

POS: GSM based Point of Sale solutions. This entails a fixed router on site, LAN and Serial based; or supplying SIM based connectivity to a channel partner over a PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant network.

Sponsored Internet: Enables the client to provide free content on demand to mobile users through websites an/or mobile apps, regardless of which MNO the user is subscribed to. Data consumed will be billed to the client and not the mobile user. Find Out More


WiFi and Analytics

Enterprise WiFi: An option of a fully managed wireless network that enables devices of staff and guests to connect to the enterprise Wi-Fi network.

Retail Wi-Fi: A fully integrated hotspot for multi-branch retailers with a captive portal for customer engagement, providing the retailer with customer analytics to assist in making business decisions.

WiFi Analytics: A comprehensive solution for data collections and analytics.



μWave: is a fixed wireless solution that offers enterprises grade connectivity anywhere in South Africa over a range of microwave technology options. It can be offered as both best effort as well as a dedicated technology. BCX offers three flavours of microwave solutions: μWave SDE, μWave Access and μWave Broadband.



Satellite broadband services offer internet, data and voice communications, to areas and rural locations with unreliable or even no terrestrial infrastructure, or areas that have been experiencing cable theft. Products include SSN / SSO /Business Broadband / Layer 2 VSAT.

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