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BCX’s extensive network coverage ensures that your team can continue to collaborate from almost anywhere. We have dedicated teams available to configure customised solutions suited to your business needs. We provide you with a secure connection through our reliable networks, ensuring that your data is protected.


Communication is the backbone of modern business practices, and this extends down to the computing level. Workers are no longer bound to a single office, and need to access the business network from the road. Remote offices and locations need to share data, and all of this needs to be kept safe and secure, ensuring that only the right people have access to your resources.



BCX offers several Data Network products:

VPN Supreme

A managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that connects multiple customer branches for secure, reliable inter-branch business application communications. VPNS offers customers a completely outsourced solution, which includes 24-hour technical support and active network management from our world class Network Operations Centre (NOC). Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are offered. MPLS based. Can be extended into public clouds via Cloud On-Ramp.


An end-to-end managed Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) – includes secure overlay WAN & wide array of underlay connectivity options, including Internet and/or MPLS. Includes 24-hour technical support and active network management. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are offered.

Managed Network Security

Managed Network Security is a managed firewall solution. The managed firewall service can be based on a shared hosted, dedicated, branch or cloud based solution. Secure Web Gateways for cloud based security features are also offered.

Global Connectivity Services

Global VPN consists of customer VPN branches in African countries or other global cities. BCX partners with global network providers to reach foreign destinations. MPLS VPNS or ME connectivity is offered.

Managed LAN and DC LAN

  • Managed LAN (Local Area Network) – Management and operation of LAN equipment on customers premises. Service covers full Life Cycle of LAN infrastructure including Planning and Design, Equipment and Cable Supply, Implementation, Operational Installation, Moves, Adds, Changes and Dismantlement (IMACDs), LAN Security and Reporting and Audits.
  • Data Centre LAN – BCX offers Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for data centre LAN switches, which can be extended into Teraco.
  • Managed LAN (Local Area Network)

Cloud On-Ramp

Cloud On-Ramp provides secure and reliable connectivity to services on multiple public cloud platforms. The service offers a high-performance network for critical business application workloads migrated to public clouds. BCX is a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Connectivity Partner with Direct Connections to Azure Cloud Services.