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Let’s explain IOT SOLUTIONS

The Internet of Things provides a torrent of data about every aspect of your business. BCX’s IoT team will help you craft a system to fully realise the potential of all that information. Not only can our AI technology learn to automate the thousands of small responses called for daily, but it will also ensure that all decision makers are kept in the loop with instant targeted alerts.


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Good design relies on properly understanding your goals. BCX’s development team will work with you to map out exactly what your business needs most from an IoT deployment. Careful consultation with all relevant stakeholders will allow us to map all your inputs to the correct responses. We will develop a system to ensure that the right actions are taken, and the right people informed.

Choose BCX as your

At BCX, we have the expertise to deliver the optimal IoT solution. As the chosen digital solutions partner for industries and organizations across Africa, we have the scale to provide a complete end-to-end solution and the experience to get it right. Our world-class Tier III and Tier IV data centres provide the solid backbone to keep your system performing smoothly and reliably.

Collaborate with our IOT Solutions Team to develop improvements for your business performance, contact an IOT specialist.