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2019 BCX Digital Innovation Award Winners

Congratulations to Old Mutual Limited who was awarded winner of the BCX Corporate Innovation Category and to iiDENTIFii (Gur Geva) who was awarded winner of the BCX SME Innovation Category. The second runner up in the SME category was Willie Olivier from Pindrop, with Isak Marais from Bramhope Group coming in at third place.

 We will be sharing more information about these winners and their innovations in the upcoming weeks.

About the AWARDS

At BCX, we innovate for how people live, learn, and work because we believe that digital innovation is key to how people today experience the world. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, businesses face mounting pressure to innovate and evolve. As they take on the challenge to embrace digitalization, enterprises in turn contribute to the economic strength of the country, and ultimately to the upliftment of our citizens.

To celebrate this excellence in Digital Innovation we have introduced the BCX Digital Innovation Awards.

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Awards Process:

Stage one: Entries Open for the Awards

Entries open to South African entities meeting the entry criteria. Entries are accepted online at

Stage two: Candidate Shortlisting

Candidates are shortlisted by a panel of judges. All shortlisted candidates are informed of the next steps, which are the Masterclass and the Digital Warriors.

Stage three: Masterclass Session

The masterclass takes place in Johannesburg and prepares shortlisted candidates for the BCX Digital Warriors where they will compete for first, second, and third place in the BCX Digital Innovation Awards.

Stage four: BCX Digital Warriors Judging Panel
Candidates enter the BCX Digital Warriors series in Johannesburg to compete for first, second, or third place in the Digital Innovation Awards. #BCXDigitalWarriors

Stage five: BCX Digital Innovation Awards Event
Candidates are invited to the Awards in Johannesburg.

#BCXDigitalInnovationAwards | #BCXDIA


Read more about the Digital Innovation Awards

BCX Digital Innovation Awards – Everything you need to know 

My Broadband, 15 October 2019 

2020 Dates to REMEMBER

The 2020 BCX Digital Innovation Awards will open for entries in June 2020.



The awards are open to Enterprises which meet the following requirements: 

  • The entering organisation must be a South African Micro, Small, Medium, or Large Enterprise. 
  • Small-, Medium- and Micro-Enterprise (SMME) entries are open to businesses that have been in operation for more than one year, and employ more than five employees, with an annual turnover of up to R50 million. 
  • Corporate applications are open to organisations which employ more than 200 employees. 
  • The Digital Innovation or Transformation projects entered will have been developed between 2017 and the date of entry. 
  • The projects entered must be in use currently, and operating successfully. 
  • Businesses that enter the competition should be able to demonstrate that they have made use of an improved or new technology to innovate, and how this proposed digital innovation or transformation has added value to the organisation.

The types of innovations that EXCITE US

We are looking for two kinds of innovations: Incremental Innovations and Disruptive Innovations.

An incremental innovation is one that continually focusses on making existing products or services more competitive, through cost reductions, improvements, or the addition of features. This kind of innovation uses current or new technologies within an existing market and aims to increase value for customers through enhancements or simplifications. 

The second kind of innovation is disruptive innovation, which creates a new market, for a new group of customers. It uses new technologies in new or existing business models. 


Award Categories 
  • Small- and Medium-Enterprises (SMEDigital Innovation Award
  • Corporate Enterprise Digital Innovation Award 



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