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BCX offers a complete managed infrastructure service, allowing multiple applications implementation to future-proof technologies and services across multiple operational areas within your company.


A solid infrastructure is the foundation of every well-run company. Build your business on the best Hosting, Data Centre and Management facilities around. The BCX ICS team are industry experts specialising in the infrastructure management of Facilities, Computer, Storage, Backup, Database, Work Group Services, Cloud Brokerage Services, OEM technical services and Disaster Recovery services.

Facilities Management Services

Facilities Management encompasses the operation, management and monitoring of buildings and infrastructure. Our services include the administration and operation of your ICT facilities, from managing ICT floor and rack space to running security access control, as well as any additional services you may require. We also provide monthly reports on everything from availability to power usage and maintenance, so you’ll have a complete overview of operations in order to plan and make changes where necessary.

  • Save Money
  • Improve Functionality
  • Maintain Focus


Data Centre Operations

The BCX Data Centre Operations Team provides Data Centre Management on-site or from one of our own 12 data centres. We deliver expert 24/7 operational support, ensuring that your business runs smoothly all year round.

  • The BCX team have the technical skills and experience to provide world-class service.
  • Let us manage your on-site operations or move them to a BCX data centre.
  • Global best practice methodology prevents system failure or data loss.
  • We provide a 24/7, year-round service so you can meet global demands.


Media Management
The BCX Media Management service helps you manage all backups and simplify the process of restoring data, in case information is lost due to technical failures, theft or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • We maintain complete inventories of all your media
  • Our team manages offsite storage in accordance with our Service Levels Agreements
  • We implement and maintain preventative maintenance on all media

All the data is securely stored with up-to-date back-ups and accurate labelling conventions while observing best-practice disposal of tapes to ensure information integrity.


Basic Hosting
Our Basic Hosting solutions are custom-made to suit the needs of any business, large or small, and guarantees up to 99.995% availability. When picking the best solution for your business, you’ll have a choice between owning your own racks or having biometric racks or cages with rack-mounted CCTV.

  • Our always-available infrastructure ensures guaranteed, uninterrupted ICT services.
  • Choose to host your equipment on-site, or at a BCX data centre.
  • With access control, CCTV, intrusion detection and armed response, your equipment is 100% protected
  • Hosting with us eliminates the cost of owning and managing your own data centre


Data Centre Facilities Consulting

Our data centre specialists offer consulting services to assist in designing, building and maintaining world-class facilities, including; Data Centre Site Selection; Security; Utilities; Facility Architecture and Mechanical and Electrical Distribution and Redundancy


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Our Advanced Managed Services teams are certified by both Microsoft and Citrix and have an unparalleled track record in cloud readiness assessments, solution architectures, and migration and management services. So, whether you are looking for experts who can help you with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows Azure Pack, or Citrix Cloud Services, we are qualified to assist.

  • Holistic Cloud Solutions
  • Collaboration and Access
  • Efficiencies and Security
  • World Class Competitiveness