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Let’s explain

Fast and reliable internet connectivity is undeniably a critical resource for a 21st century business. Communication tools like email and VoIP are rapidly replacing fax machines and telephones, while the World Wide Web has become the default repository for technical manuals and other reference materials used by technical workers.

To connect your business to the Internet, you need a physical connection, and a data package. BCX, through its parent company Telkom, is ideally positioned to give the best options for both services.

Choosing your CONNECTION

BCX offers the following technologies to connect your business to the Internet:

Dedicated ISP

Dedicated Internet is uncapped, symmetrical internet and comes in three variants: Enterprise Internet, BCX Di and Xpress internet. Dedicated internet is enabled via MetroLink, MetroLAN, and Multi-tenant and LanConnect access for on premise solutions and Managed LAN for hosted solutions in our data centres.

Broadband ISP

Business capped and uncapped internet services offers a range of asymmetrical and contended internet products that can be used via ADSL, VDSL or GPON Fibre access mediums.

Pure Connect DSL
Pure Connect DSL Offerings provide a more affordable connectivity solution for your business. Business Pure Connect DSL – Gives access without an ISP account. Unlimited Business DSL LTE – Prioritises traffic during business hours. Unlimited Business DSL Premium – Provides an additional premium internet experience.

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