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      Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR. Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR.

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      Innovation through simply navigating the complex

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The public cloud is a way to use compute resources without the overheads of ownership. Public cloud companies build huge datacentres filled with racks of servers, which are divided into virtual units and rented out. Each compute instance is fully isolated from its neighbours for security, and its resilience is guaranteed by the massively redundant nature of the underlying physical hardware. Since resources can be provisioned and cancelled at a moment’s notice, public cloud allows you to respond and adapt to your dynamic workloads in real time. It is the most flexible, scalable way to power your business.


Since the PC revolution, organizations have kept their computing infrastructure in-house, under lock and key. The risks associated with attempting to run your own data centre are often mitigated with quick-response hardware support contracts, but a business running its own data centre still needs to bear the costs of maintaining a secure environment and paying full time staff for operations and support. Upgrades need to be planned well in advance, to allow for purchase lead times and installation schedules. And there’s always the dilemma of supporting an irregular workload. Hardware powerful enough to cope with your peak activity times generates waste by sitting idle for the rest of the year.

Moving to a Public Cloud infrastructure resolves all these problems. The real estate, climate control and security aspects are core competencies of the cloud provider. Spare hardware is always available and ready to use within minutes and can be shut down again when it is no longer required.

Some examples of how this flexibility can improve your business efficiency:

  • Your billing database runs heavy batch jobs to reconcile accounts at the end of every month. You need powerful hardware to complete the task within deadlines. Spin up extra resources when you are ready to begin and shut them down as soon as the task is done.
  • Traffic to your eCommerce website is generally low, but spikes to very high levels when demand for your products surges. Keep a small number of web servers running behind a load balancer, to respond to normal loads. When traffic surges, the load balancer automatically launches and configures additional servers to support the extra load without compromising the customer experience. When traffic falls again, power down and delete the extra servers.

These examples demonstrate how the public cloud can provide a leaner and more efficient IT infrastructure, by letting you buy additional computing power when it’s needed, and scale back down when conditions return to baseline.


 We'll need just a few details from you, and one of our specialists will be in touch


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Business Connexion has developed its own in-house cloud infrastructure, hosted in our world-class Tier III and Tier IV data centres. We have also partnered with other industry players like Amazon and Microsoft. Our cloud team will consult with you to develop an implementation that most closely suits your needs and meets all compliance standards. BCX has already assisted enterprises in industries as diverse as mining, manufacturing, retail and finance, to migrate their operations to the public cloud. With our expertise, we can help you optimise an agile and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Business Connexion is a B-BBEE Level 1 contributor.