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Unlock complete and efficient business connectivity 

The definition of good and effective business operations has shifted in the digital age to include integration, platform-based tools and services and a multitude of connected systems to enhance the speed and convenience of your product and service offering to your customers. Embedded Integration ensures increased internal efficiencies as well as optimised customer experience through connected systems that are seamless to use, run and maintain.


At BCX, the Embedded Integration (EI) team specialises in joining critical systems and finding the most effective integration strategy whether they are the joining of legacy systems or the integration of new platforms into existing operational environments.


Embedded Integration solves the following problems:

Business Interconnectivity

By consolidating all business data with live access at any moment, business decisions can be made faster and more accurately.

Cost Savings

Reduce the costs of managing disparate information flows from legacy and heterogeneous landscapes. Integrate systems in a way that enable the use of existing infrastructure for composite solutions.

Work Efficiencies

Our integrated systems architecture enables sustainable and scalable ongoing automation for future growth and continuous improvement.

Technologies include

Oracle, IBM, Microsoft


Integration Design

Integration Design is a specialised methodology to solve the key problems involved with integrating existing data and applications across platforms and programming languages to find solutions that will retain and improve the efficiency and speed of complex business processes.

Integration Implementation

The BCX EI team operates across multiple organisations, both in public and private sectors to integrate a large variety of systems whether they be standard platform-based architectures, legacy systems or bespoke builds.

Integration support

The BCX EI support team provides end-to-end 24/7/365 support for al integrated environments with tailored maintenance and support packages that provide maximum stability and productivity within our client’s integrated environments.


The EI methodology ensure that our clients receive measured and strategic EI planning before a single piece of code is touched. We start by identifying the maturity of a business to enable automated information flows and then follow a step-by-step approach to make sure that every aspect of the integration process has been planned, prioritised and road mapped.
  • Identifying, defining and developing business services (generic, reusable assets)
  • Providing integration solutions that increase business agility in response to market needs
  • Developing a benefits realisation road map
  • Evaluating existing integration implementations
  • Formulating sustainable integration strategies
  • Managing business application integration
  • Managing service-oriented integration
  • Managing API integration
  • Managing integration of cloud services (iPaaS)
  • Implementing an integration infrastructure
  • Migration from legacy platforms
  • Integration Architecture Maturity and Integration Governance
  • Mature SLA Managed Services


BCX’s Embedded Integration (EI) solution facilitates and assists clients to reach a point of complete connectivity by providing leading-edge integration solutions and services, whether your requirements are on-site or via continued guidance and support through cloud applications.