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      Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR. Giving South African municipalities access to the tools and technologies it needs to thrive, was the driving force behind BCX SOLAR.

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      Healthcare Solutions

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Connected healthcare

Transforming the ways of work.
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The value of healthcare is rooted in transforming lives by providing secure, continued care to patients and reliable, intuitive resources to staff.

Healthcare tools that transcend the traditional

Our healthcare solutions empower you to make data-driven clinical and operational decisions to achieve your business objectives and become a cost-efficient, patient-centric entity.


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Digitising your healthcare systems to provide value-based care.

Enhance patient experience

by redefining care delivery with continuous digital monitoring through a centralised clinical command centre.

Reduce costs

for your organisation and your patients – by monitoring patients remotely, and even doing procedures using telemedicine.

Improve the work life of healthcare providers

with AI and Robotic Process Automation for day-to-day tasks. Empower caregivers with the time to prioritise patient care over paperwork.

Healthcare Efficiency Solution

Healthcare Efficiency Solution

Improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

Use your data to manage your business more effectively. Our solution will support your team members and develop evidence-based care approaches. Your business will be empowered to lay the groundwork for new healthcare delivery models.

Healthcare Clinic

Get access to accurate updates and storage of patient information.

Our Healthcare Clinic software manages your patient healthcare records simply and easily, giving you efficient and effective support for improved patient care.

Healthcare Clinic

Healthcare Portal

Healthcare Portal

Accurately identify your patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Patient misidentification has been a persistent problem in healthcare facilities. Our Healthcare portal solution includes reliable and convenient patient identification technology, which eliminates costly duplications and is suitable for people with special needs.

Unisolv Solution

Manage your technology so that you can focus on your customers

Pharmacists are at the forefront of medication knowledge, and already play a key role in promoting and maintaining good health in any community. Unisolv Software, offers pharmacists, clinicians, and healthcare providers the ability to enhance patient care through speciality services and focus areas.

Unisolv Solution

Unisolv Solution

Certified Partner

Our most important customer, is yours.


The dawn of the digital era within South Africa’s healthcare sector has arrived.

In the current rapidly evolving digital world, industry sectors are increasingly moving towards implementing digital strategies to enhance operational agility and promote a seamless and efficient customer experience.

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Tech is giving your Patients more control over their health.

As health apps and digital health services become more prevalent, consumers gain greater control over their medical care. It’s a great thing for consumers with limited access to healthcare – but the downside is that the healthcare industry could be facing the next big industry disruptor.

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We service diverse clients across industry sectors and geographies, providing perfectly tailored local and global solutions. We're constantly evaluating and connecting with the industry's most trusted technology companies to ensure you'll always have access to cutting-edge infrastructure. Work with us to safeguard your business success.

We have a wide footprint, with operations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. With 5000+ people power, 310+ partner alliances, and 21 data centres, you're in safe hands.










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