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At BCX, we know all about the challenges our partners in the Healthcare sector are facing – but by embracing Digital Transformation and evolving into a cost-efficient, patient-centric enterprise, your hospital, clinic, or practice can keep up with the competition. The technology that is available to healthcare enterprises may seem to come out of science-fiction and the movies, but BCX can help you to integrate this new technology with your legacy systems. This new approach can improve your financial stability, elevate access and affordability, secure your systems, and keep your operation legally compliant. Digital Transformation will revolutionise your organisation into one that stands head and shoulders above the crowd, offering the most comprehensive, all-round patient care – the best facilities, specialists, surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, pharmacies and staff, with the most up-to-date equipment.


 We'll need just a few details from you, and one of our specialists will be in touch


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Start the JOURNEY

When you embark on your Digital Transformation journey, you will discover opportunities you never dreamed were possible for your healthcare organisation. The three main areas you should focus on are patient care, patient touchpoints, and operational efficiencies:

  • Think of having a single digital record available to everyone – in the cloud or on your network – that accompanies your patient through the healthcare journey, from casualty and admission, through theatre and recovery, even allowing for digital diagnosis. These records allow for analytics which can improve care and aid planning, and can be linked with specialists, pharmacies, and even medical aids and insurers to streamline claims processes.
  • Simplify bookings, admissions and discharge processes, reduce paperwork, even manage aftercare and survey your patients, using these systems.
  • Redefine care delivery by creating a centralised clinical command centre with continuous digital monitoring. This enables decision making and allows for targeted treatments, for example, printing of 3-d devices for surgery. When you add smaller, portable devices and wearables into the mix, you improve efficiency and even develop your staff even more.
  • Implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for repetitive tasks, freeing up caregivers to spend time caring for patients, instead of handling reams of paperwork.
  • Reduce costs – for your organisation and your patients – by monitoring patients remotely, and even doing procedures using telemedicine.

BCX Healthcare Clinic

Accurate access, updating, and storage of patient information through cloud-based software.

BCX Healthcare Portal

A Healthcare portal designed to enable clinics when submitting biometric results to medical schemes.

Digitally enable patient experience

  • Patients can interact over multiple digital channels – online, on mobile, using social media – with digital and AI systems – just as they do with banks, stores, and service providers.
  • Beyond interaction, you can empower your patients by making offering real-time access to medical knowledge and answers to routine questions about, for example, admissions, recovery time, and medications.

Digitalized operations

  •  Back office functions like finance, supply chain, scheduling, claims processing, human resources, and the revenue cycle can use robotics, advanced analytics, sensors, and automation to create cost efficiency.
  • Ensure the physical security of people and equipment by setting appropriate levels of access using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and facial recognition.
  • Upgrade your cybersecurity to protect your critical records and systems.
  • Meet the talent challenge by automating recruitment and offering virtual learning and development to your workforce.

What BCX can do for your HEALTHCARE BUSINESS

We can work with you to create digital platforms where professionals can share educational information and collaborate on research, create a Telemedicine system so patients can be treated remotely, store and archive patient records centrally, and, through our mobile capabilities, quickly send information out in a simple and cost effective way.

We can take it to the next level with Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and artificial Intelligence (AI), to automate your processes and reduce operating costs, so that your teams can focus on what’s important – making patients well and keeping them healthy.



Digital Transformation

Intelligent systems upgrading


Strategies for efficient ICT


Tools to streamline operations


Data that works for you

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