BCX Wireless Solutions

Enable businesses to connect intelligently 

We specialise in affordable, reliable and trusted wireless connectivity solutions. Thousands of South African enterprises integrate our wireless products for SD-WAN enablement, business continuity and M2M payment transactions.

BCX Wireless manages the largest Wi-Fi network by venue in South Africa (BMI-T, 2017), is Payment Card Industry certified and offers connectivity solutions across South Africa using LTE, microwave, satellite and third-party networks.

Our flagship product is BCX SD-WAN Express, a full service model WAN solution built over our proprietary SD-WAN management router, offering a range of access technologies for enterprises to gain greater control, cost savings and scalability.

What we offer:

  • Business continuity: Uptime improvement of wide area nodes to 99.99% availability. Trusted by several JSE listed enterprises as backup or alternative access
  • Connectivity anywhere, quickly: Offering wireless access to branches not yet in fibre footprint using LTE, microwave or third-party access for your SDWAN strategy or just internet breakout
  • Secure payment conveyance: We are the preferred M2M supplier to national payment system data since 1994, with v3.2 certification from the PCI Data Security Council
  • IoT enablement: Offering M2M connectivity via our multi-network GSM SIM
  • Brand extension: Enabling end-customer engagement at branch level via powerful analytics engines, aggregated reverse bill URL or sponsored internet packages

Our approach to enabling enterprises with wireless solutions includes the following:

  • Best-in-field ICT expertise to drive customer requirement design
    and implementation
  • Every solution designed to enable quick IT ROI, ROMI or de-risk
    business continuity
  • National operations team with Tier 1, 2 and 3, and specialised field
    services team that can scale quickly for rapid deployment or
    specialised wireless installations
  • Fully certified security and project management delivery, enabling
    peace of mind
  • Continuous technology innovation to help you remain at the forefront
    of your ICT investmen

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for a specialised solution design.

Our Wireless Solutions

SD-WAN Express

BCX SD-WAN Express offers enterprises integrated software defined networking features over a range of broadband access technologies. Enjoy cost savings, flexibility and better control of your WAN with our proprietary SD-WAN technology, localised for South African conditions.

We offer your enterprise:

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Wireless Access and Business Continuity

BCX Wireless specialises in broadband or dedicated wireless access. We offer layer 2 or layer 3 (internet) services over Microwave or Satellite access, or corporate APN solutions for business continuity.

Our product range includes:

  • Licensed microwave solutions for internet breakout, layer 2/3 aggregation or bespoke. Management is optional extra.
  • Satellite solutions for national, intercontinental or WAN access. We offer dedicated or broadband models.
  • LTE solutions as part of SD-WAN Express for business continuity protection. Maintain your MPLS or SD-WAN VPN to 99% availability by failing over to dual-SIM LTE seamlessly and reliably.

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Payment Connectivity

Connect to your bank securely via 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi or integrated-to-the-enterprise VPN with our payment connectivity products.

  • SIM-only and router-based solutions
  • National footprint for installation and support with extended support
  • Payment connectivity certified (PCI DSS v3.2)

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M2M Multi-Network SIM

IoT applications demand secure connectivity anywhere. We offer multiple network operators in one SIM that switches seamlessly to best signal performance.

  • Connect your remote devices to multiple networks via a single SIM
  • Includes sufficient M2M data in-SIM or blended data rate
  • Value-adds include SIM lock, geo-fencing and self-management portals

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Retail Wi-Fi

Gain valuable customer insights over your managed branch Wi-Fi network.

  • Managed Wi-Fi deployment and support
  • Control your branding, messaging and user behaviour
  • Consolidate your customer, employee or stock control systems

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Sponsored Internet Solution

Offer your sales team or top customers zero-rated access to specific
internet destinations via their mobile device.

  • Applications include customer loyalty incentives, sponsored
    community broadband, employee access over company devices
    and sandbox environments for IT staff

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