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Information security should be one of the most critical considerations for any IT department. Given the reach of IT into all business areas, and the sensitive information stored on IT systems, it is a key vulnerability that must be protected from all external and internal threats, both malicious and accidental. Unfortunately, as companies grow, and their IT infrastructure extends, it becomes harder to keep track of each individual system, and that makes it harder to ensure that every gap and vulnerability has been secured. BCX’s Security Consulting service can evaluate your infrastructure and security policies, making appropriate recommendations and providing detailed reports for your peace of mind. 


IT is a dynamic field, constantly changing and updating. Corporate networks have to change and adapt to stay relevant and continue to provide good service to the rest of the company. Unfortunately, this can lead to conflicts between business requirements to keep an old-but-critical server running, and security requirements to scrap old servers that are no longer supported. Re-organizations and mergers require network redesigns but attempts to do this without impacting productivity can lead to stale or invalid configurations being left active. Problems like these are part of the natural entropy of any working IT environment, but they can create weak points which can lead to outages or security breaches. And by their very nature, they can be hard to track down and fix.

BCX’s Security Consulting service can help evaluate your systems, to identify potential problems and help you fix them:


  • Risk Assessments
  • Privacy Assessments, to ensure that you are protecting personal information adequately
  • GAP Assessments, to evaluate whether existing policies and tools are performing as expected
  • Security Assessments
  • Governance and Compliance Assessments, to ensure that you are compliant with internal governance and applicable legislation
  • Security Specialist and Advisory Services, to develop corrective responses and recommended practices


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BCX’s Security Consulting team are specialists in the field and have extensive experience helping businesses to secure their electronic assets. In a world where criminals are increasingly moving into the digital space, and rival companies are increasingly relying on security vulnerabilities to conduct industrial espionage, it is vital to ensure that your defences are properly implemented and maintained.  

Business Connexion is the chosen digital solutions partner for industries and organizations across Africa. We have the scale to provide a complete end-to-end solution and experience working with a range of industries, from mining and manufacturing to retail and financial. We even work with government at local, provincial and national levels.  

At BCX, we know how to leverage our security technology partners with our in-house expertise to provide the safest, most reliable security infrastructure available. 

BCX is a Tier 1 B-BBEE provider.  

Find out more about ways to collaborate with our Security Team to develop the best Security solutions and improve the safety of your data and IT infrastructure.