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Let’s explain

Managing the security of your IT infrastructure can be a daunting prospect. High profile security incidents make headlines every month, ranging from ransomware attacks to the theft and publication of confidential databases. Any responsible business makes information security a priority, but not all IT departments have the budget for specialised security expertise.

If you are concerned that your business might not have covered all its security bases, BCX’s Managed Security Services can help. We will analyse your existing infrastructure and design a solution to fit your needs. We’ll not only provide the best software tools to secure your network, we’ll also align your procedures with industry best practices.


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Business Connexion can provide the best software to deal with all aspects of securing a corporate IT network. Our services include:
  • Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus (AV)

The software installed on end user laptops and mobile devices to identify and block malicious software

  • Application Control Management

Software and policies to limit the software which may be run on company computers to a an approved list of trusted applications

  • Host IPS, Encryption and File Integrity Monitoring

IPS: software which runs on your servers to actively detect and block intrusion attempts

Encryption: protecting data in transit by encrypting it, and automatically decrypting for authorised users

File Integrity Monitoring: Systems to verify protected software and data, to ensure that it hasn’t been modified or damaged.

  • Identity and Access Management and Control

System to ensure that systems and data are only available to authorised users, and that user accounts are validated and trustworthy.

  • Email Content Filtering

System to monitor incoming and outgoing emails to filter out malware, phishing attempts and inappropriate content.

  • Data Leakage Prevention

System to prevent dissemination of confidential data outside the company.

  • Network Analytics and SIEM

Tools to record and monitor network activity, in order to identify faults and suspicious activity

  • Vulnerability Management

Processes to ensure that software is patched, and known vulnerabilities are defended

Choose BCX as your Managed Security Services partner

Business Connexion is the chosen digital solutions partner for industries and organizations across Africa. We have the scale to provide a complete end-to-end solution and experience working with a range of industries, from mining and manufacturing to retail and financial. We even work with government at local, provincial and national levels.

At BCX, we know how to leverage our security technology partners with our in-house expertise to provide the safest, most reliable security infrastructure available.

BCX is a Tier 1 B-BBEE provider.

Find out more about ways to collaborate with our Security Team to develop the best Security solutions and improve the safety of your data and IT infrastructure.