What is Mobility?

At BCX we recognise that workspaces and workforces are changing to adapt to the mobility and communication demands of the global economy. The old-fashioned concepts of “being in the office or out of office” are changing as innovative devices, applications, solutions, and technologies drive the shift toward mobile-first business. Teams may use their own devices, guided by a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, or you may equip them with company devices and other tools of the trade. Their productivity levels can be heavily impacted if they cannot stay connected at all times, so you need a partner who can offer you mobile voice and data solutions that control expenses, improve efficiency, and leverage the benefits of converged communications. When you partner with BXC, we can provide an-end-to-end service for all your business mobility needs.

As your colleagues move around more and more, using devices with different operating systems, and connecting to the internet from different locations for business-related activities, the pressure on you to control costs and reduce security risks increases. You need to enable team mobility as a crucial part of maintaining productivity levels and fostering competitiveness, so at BCX we offer a portfolio of mobile network, voice, data, and added-value mobility solutions that streamline operational management, and help you monitor and manage communication costs.

BCX teams boast a wealth of experience, and have a track record in combining appropriate solutions, and products that are suited to your organisation, whether medium-sized or large. We are a trusted mobility solutions provider to more than 11 000 businesses in South Africa and are always on standby to offer you support and after-sales service. Some of our mobility solutions are unique in the market, such as Reverse Bill URLs, which means colleagues or customers with Telkom mobile connectivity do not incur data charges when using your specified website or mobile application. Our disruptive mobile voice products have attracted many copycat versions, but no other network has been able to match the tangible value of our plans. Our newest market disruptor, FreeMe plans, where you choose how much mobile data you need, are a first in SA, and just one of the many reasons we are dominating the mobile data space. Telkom has been voted best mobile data network in South Africa for five years running.

How Will Mobility Benefit My Business?

A Quality Network

  • Access our countrywide infrastructure, covering 98% of the country, through our own best-in-class 3G network, with roaming on MTN where required.
  • Access a quality Long Term Evolution (LTE) network
  • Leverage the largest WiFi network in South Africa – over 6 000 Telkom hotspots, with 10GB of data monthly offered free with almost every mobile plan, so your colleagues can save their allocated data when they are on the road.

True Fixed and Mobile Convergence

  • *Leverage the ease of consolidated billing and benefits for fixed and mobile voice and data from the only service provider able to offer this convergence
  • Access the latest mobile devices that offer you a choice of operating systems, through our long-standing relationships with all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Use Access Point Name (APN) solutions, to provide secure corporate network access to colleagues connecting to your network from their mobile devices

Control Spend and Access/Icon

  • Manage and control your business mobile costs with spend limits that are enforced in real-time. Get regular free notifications to ensure that colleagues and the business know exactly when they have reached their spend limit, enabling you to predict monthly mobile costs.
  • Configure and administer your company’s mobile services via a secure administrator login that enables you to manage a number of general account activities and product specific actions.
  • Get free unlimited calling to other Telkom mobile and fixed numbers
  • Leverage anytime access to company applications including using Reverse Bill URLs, which means users do not incur data charges
  • Access dedicated multi-channel support teams with priority after-sales services

Flexible Plans and Added Value

  • Manage spend with postpaid mobile voice and data bundles or plans, including our newest market disruptor, the FreeMe plans, a first in SA and voted the best value for money plans by Tarifica
  • Leverage the flexibility of TopUp mobile voice and data
  • Enable mobility with affordable international data roaming using Pocket WiFi
  • Secure and manage all mobile devices used by colleagues through Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), available as software hosted on your premises or in the cloud. Manage all aspects of enterprise mobility strategy, from the device, to software, to data protection.
  • Optimise your spend through using the Telkom Tariff Analyser on your existing mobile contracts to determine which plans suit your usage best, and how much you could be saving.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobility Solutions to Consider for your Business

Mobile Strategies for Large Business

An in-depth exploration into how large businesses can benefit from implementing mobile strategies, whether for mobile marketing, mobile commerce or mobile operations.

Enterprise Mobility: Providing An End-To-End Mobile Workforce Solution

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across the world agree – businesses have to embrace mobility to reach their customers and keep their colleagues efficient. Learn why you need to do the same, and what the BCX Business Mobility service can bring to your organisation – from device and policy strategies to keep your data secure, to significant cost savings and 24/7 support.

Why choose BCX?


BCX offers the use of a mobile data network that has been voted the best in South Africa for five consecutive years


We enable you to access the largest WiFi network in the country


We are constantly innovating disruptive mobile voice and data products to help you maintain an expense advantage over competitors


Our innovative offerings, for example free unlimited calling to other Telkom mobile and fixed numbers, and real time control of company limits and policies, create significant cost savings for your organisation


We prioritise the service needs of our business customers by providing dedicated multi-channel support teams with priority after-sales service and a Rapid Response Desk, exclusive to customers who have dedicated resources to manage their mobile device users and policy.

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