Internet of Things and M2M

What is Internet of Things?

Picture a future of smart cities, automated processes, and digitised services and functionality, that will all be made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT). As your Internet of Things (IoT) partner, BCX will walk the journey to the future with you – from identifying an opportunity, to developing services and products as solutions to challenges, and everything in between. So whether you need to optimise your people, your processes or your physical environment, we will help you evaluate what is needed and implement a solution.

We enable digitisation, automation, and analytics so that you can make real-time decisions and enable new and fundamental business processes through what we call a Connective Intelligence.

We bundle our IoT know-how, connectivity solutions, engineering skills, and business optimisation solutions, to ensure high quality, robust delivery – from design to implementation – no matter what sector or environment your business operates in.

BCX approaches the technology and digitalisation of systems or products in a very structured way, so that we can maximise your return on investment. So we will take a project from the initial exploration sessions that assess the business and its opportunities, right through evaluation and specification, to solution design, execution, and maintenance.

How Will Internet of Things Benefit My Business?

Operational Insights

  • Optimise data collection through the use of sensors.
  • Benefit from years of battery life through new sensor technology, and our Low Power Wide Area Network (LoRa).
  • Leverage instant data transmission and Edge Processing, with partial computing and intelligence performed on the sensors themselves to allow for immediate, automated changes on-device, known as Edge Processing).
  • Push decision making closer to your operational environment.

Improved Performance/Icon

  • Adapt your supply chain instantly, based on concrete data.
  • Incorporate both internal and external data into decision-making.
  • Effect real-time notification to people and machines.
  • Gather consistent data across the business value chain.

Governance and Compliance

  • Capture data automatically
  • Create an audit trail for compliance without compromising data integrity
  • Benefit from enhanced compliance through the standardisation of information and data

Real-time Process Changes/Icon

  • Push data gathering and decision making to the device level.
  • Communicate process changes to machines, people and vendors in real-time.
  • Evaluate and adjust internal and external factors.

Internet of Things Products

Mining Solutions

  • Remote generator monitoring and control
  • People and Asset Tracking
  • Remote smart locking solution
  • Workforce enablement
  • Critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management

Retail Solutions

  • Facilities and environmental monitoring
  • Food processing automation and control
  • Micro-tracking of people or assets
  • Supply chain integrity assurance

Logistics Solutions

  • Cargo condition monitoring and tracking
  • Location-based smart locking
  • Health and safety monitoring
  • Theft and intrusion detection and notifications

Facilities Management Solutions

  • Environmental condition monitoring and control
  • Equipment efficiency management
  • People flow and occupancy tracking
  • Access management

Industrial IoT Solutions

  • Factory KPI management
  • Municipal water metering and optimization
  • Remote pipeline monitoring (including CP, pressure, flow, temperature)
  • Factory OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance

Smart City Solutions

  • Data collection for water and electricity billing
  • People flow tracking and route optimisation
  • Equipment and environmental monitoring
  • Water facilities monitoring and Control

Utilising IoT & M2M in Enterprise Business

IoT Solutions: Utilising IoT as a Technology Lever in Enterprise Business

Find out how the Internet of Things (IOT) can help your business become more efficient and more profitable, and how you can position to grow into the future.

Utilising M2M as a Technology Lever in Enterprise Business

Machine to Machine (M2M) is a driving factor in the Internet of Things (IoT). It uses technology such as a sensor or meter to capture an event or data point, which is then relayed through the network to an application that can translate the data into meaningful information for monitoring, tracking, or analysing purposes. Learn more about M2M and why it could become critical in your organisation.

Why choose BCX?


BCX is the digital solutions partner of choice for industries and organisations across the African continent; we provide a unique end-to-end offering


We have a track record of working with a range of private sector industries, from mining and manufacturing to retail and financial services, as well as public sector entities representing National, Provincial and Local levels of Government


We offer world-class Tier IV and Tier III data centres and connectivity


We bundle our IoT know-how, connectivity solutions, engineering skills, and business optimisation solutions, to ensure high quality, robust solutions – from design to implementation

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