Introduction to SmartSite Web Development

Set up your company on the World Wide Web with SmartSite Web Development.

What is SmartSite Web Development?

The internet has changed the very fabric of our lives. In almost everything we do, we use the World Wide Web. We use it to communicate, to buy clothes, order food, keep up with news and even find love. It has transformed the way we interact with each other and with businesses.

It is for these reasons that every business should have a website. It establishes credibility, opens communications channels between you and your customers, and provides fantastic marketing opportunities. In this age of information and technology, all businesses should create and maintain a website. SmartSite Web Development makes it easy for you to do so. Choose between two product offerings: Meta or Meso. Both are easily scalable and can grow as your business does. Alternatively, we can provide you with a customised website if needed.

We will design your websites keeping user experience at the forefront. Whether clients view the website on a desktop computer, phone or tablet, their experience will be a smooth one. The simple Content Managed System (CMS), lets you change the content of your website whenever you need. We provide hosting, email and Google Analytics, which will allow you to monitor your customers’ behaviour. Create your online identity with SmartSite and watch your business grow.

How Will SmartSite Web Development Benefit My Business?

Create an online identity

  • Having a presence online will help your business grow

Help people find your business

  • Search engine optimisation let people find your site easily when they use search engines

Choose between two options

  • Choose between Meta and Meso: two product offerings that can grow with your business.

Why Choose BCX?


We specialise in hosting, therefore server uptime is always catered for


We can offer you numerous add-ons which can help you on your digital journey towards the future

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