Introduction to Multisite Internet

Create and keep track of multiple business or branch websites with Multisite Internet, a pay-per-use, scalable product that consolidates internet usage from multiple websites into one, single account.

What is Multisite Internet?

For businesses with multiple branches, setting up internet connectivity for each individual branch can be costly and time consuming. With Multisite Internet, you do not need to order a completely new internet service for every branch. Instead, you can add or remove as many sites to the system as your business needs, and pay just one bill on them all.

Multisite Internet is a usage-based product and allows you to use as much data as you require.

Besides businesses with multiple branches, Multisite Internet is also suitable for businesses with just one branch, but whose usage patterns vary from month to month. Multisite Internet does not restrict these single businesses to a certain amount of data every month, and allows them to pay only for what they use.

You can view the usage of the multiple sites as a single account on the easy, online Telkom dashboard. There are two product variations on offer: Silver and Gold.

How Will MultiSite Internet Benefit My Business?

Pay per use

  • Only pay for what is used.A minimum bill for 20GBs will apply.

Fast internet speeds

Offered on either DSL or Fibre, and powered through Telkom Internet, you can enjoy high-quality broadband speeds of up to 40Mbps on DSL and up to 100Mbps on fibre.

Manage online

Access the Telkom online portal that provides a view of data usage for all the connected sites. From this you can manage your costs as you go.

More About MultiSite Internet

The Multisite Internet service is termed to be a Layer 3 service offering in the OSI stack model. The Multisite Internet service further provides two levels of offerings which are usage types. The two offerings are Gold and Silver. The Gold service is unshaped usage which means that the service is not protocol shaped and is useful for allowing any traffic type to traverse the network. The Multisite Internet service requires a Layer 2 offering to provide a connection to the data network (network access connection); and uses DSL/Fibre as the access technology.

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Product Plan Variations

Silver Multisite Internet

  • Shaped bandwidth, with traffic prioritization between the business hours of 6am to 6pm

Gold Multisite Internet

  • Unshaped traffic, with prioritisation throughout the day

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