Introduction to Managed Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Provide your customers with internet connectivity while they are onsite and create a fully integrated omnichannel communication and data-capturing system; a system which allows your customers to talk to you, buy from you, interact with you and form long-lasting relationships with you.

What is Managed Enterprise WiFi Solutions?

Technology is advancing rapidly and is integrating into our daily lives more and more. In fact, the line between offline and online experiences often blurs as technology becomes more important to our day-to-day living. This is why providing your customers with an integrated experience of your business or organisation through digitalisation is vital to retaining customer loyalty.

Managed Enterprise WiFi Solutions is a relationship-building tool that allows you to create an omnichannel marketing approach by providing your customers with internet connectivity and access to your customised WiFi platform, which they can access via enterprise-defined credentials or their social media credentials. Give your customers easy access to information, pricing, purchasing, loyalty programmes and more, and in return get feedback on who your customers are and what they like.

Enterprise WiFi Solutions allows your enterprise to manage, control and monitor WiFi usage, understand your customers’ profiles and habits through analytics, augment your omnichannel marketing capability and provide a value-added service to customers. This solution works well for government and corporate entities within the hospital, financial, retail and fast-food space.

How Will Managed Enterprise WiFi Solutions Benefit My Business?

Branded SSID and splash page

  • Make your company page the first port-of-call to grow your brand and to enhance your omnichannel marketing.

Marketing made easy

  • This service allows you to promote products or services on the Wi-Fi portal. Customers can be directed to specific business pages to find our more information on sales or products

URL and Content filtering

  • Limit the sites your customers can visit by filtering the URL and content. This prevents customers from abusing the network

Proactive monitoring

  • Monitors the system to check the internet connection and hardware, and automatically reports faults

Browser based analytics reporting

  • Removes the need for proprietary software in the client environment

Third-party advertising

  • Earn additional revenue by allowing third-parties to advertise

More About Managed Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Enterprise WiFi Solutions extends wireless internet to your customers over enterprise specific access names, via enterprise-defined credentials, customer social media credentials or BCX wall garden credentials. The network is a separate internet overlay network, either broadband or direct internet, often times separate to your layer 3 managed service.

Why Choose BCX?


Managed Enterprise WiFi requires end-to-end accountability, which we can provide


As the service adoption increases, you can follow an upgrade path for the internet backhaul


We can advise on and provide the other elements required to enable a full solution, moving your business closer to your digitalisation objectives.

Product Plan Variations

Enterprise WiFi Solutions options:

  • Basic Management
  • Advanced Management

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