Introduction to Hosted Internet Access

Hosted Internet Access is a cost-effective service which allows your business to access the internet by using one physical access line from BCX’s Cybernest data centre.

What is Hosted Internet Access?

Designed for hosting customers in BCX’s data centres, Hosted Internet Access is a premium, business-grade direct internet service (i.e. a direct, unshared internet service). It is also suitable for Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients requiring a centralised internet breakout. The advantage of this is more cost-effective security: large businesses with many remote sites direct their internet traffic to a central data centre, after which the traffic leaves the business via a service provider. One centralised breakout means businesses can apply security policies to one, single location, instead of at each remote site.

If you are a multi-tenant Local Area Network (LAN) customer or a VPN customers, the service breakouts from the data centre requires a shared access link and port from your MPLS Virtual Routing and Forwarding service into the data centre. HIA customer servers already reside on the multi-tenant LAN and this ‘shared’ access is included in the HIA pricing.

Set on a fixed monthly fee, this product is subscription and throughput based. You are able to choose how you would like to split your national and international bandwidth.

How Will Hosted Internet Access Benefit My Business?

Shared Breakouts

  • Allow economies of scale and efficient use of bandwidth, as it is shared across multiple sites.

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We are an established cloud enabler and provider.


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