Introduction to Fibre-to-the-Business

Fifty times faster than a standard copper connection, Fibre based broadband access transmits information at the speed of light while providing you with a reliable and stable connection.

What is Fibre-to-the-Business?

Reliable, scalable and providing much higher uplink speeds than DSL, Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB) provides fibre-based broadband access that connects to our network from a modem or router based at your business site. With our extensive fibre coverage, this product is well-suited to multi-branch businesses.

Fibre comprises speeds of 2Mbps to 100Mbps. It is a best effort service. Fibre can be used to carry public (internet) traffic or Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic, and unlike ADSL and VDSL, no telephone landline is required to use Fibre.

For use as an internet service, Fibre can be paired with either capped or uncapped internet access.

How Will Fibre-to-the-Business Benefit My Business?

Choose from various speed increments

  • Fit for purpose and scalable, this product will grow with your business, making it “future-proof”.

Make calls over the internet

  • Fibre, when couples with an internet service, is Telkom VoIP ready– meaning you can make calls over the internet and save significantly on call spend.

Improved upload

  • Fibre enables your business to move to the cloud as traffic from your site to the cloud travels faster.

Eliminate copper worry

  • Fibre is less prone to copper theft, which means you have less risk to worry about


  • Couple the product with capped, uncapped or premium uncapped internet access as per your business requirements.

More About Fibre-to-the-Business

The broadband best effort service is provided over Openserve’s GPON network, which connects to an Optimal Terminal (ONT) which in turn connects to the fibre router or modem at your business site.

The final termination (the point where your data connects to Telkom’s line) is Ethernet based.

Why Choose BCX?


The superior upload speed is conducive to cloud adoption, and we have leading expertise in cloud enablement.


When couples with an internet package, Telkom Voice over IP services are prioritised – saving you costs.


We are a solutions provider, which means we can offer you unique bundles that provide you a full business outcome.

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