Introduction to Enterprise Internet Services

Connect your business to the internet 24-hours a day with Enterprise Internet Services (EIS), a cost-effective product that provides high speed, reliable and stable internet access from a data centre or on your Local or Wide Area Network at a fixed monthly fee.

What is Enterprise Internet Services?

Enjoy 24-hour internet connectivity with Enterprise Internet Services (EIS), a product that offers you high-speed, reliable and stable internet access. EIS can be hosted at a data centre or on premise on Local Area Network (LAN), or Wide Area Network (WAN) over a MetroLink-dedicated connection at a fixed monthly charge.

Choose between flexible infrastructure options including local only internet, one-on-one connectivity (Gold), shared with three other users (Silver) or shared with six other users (Bronze), with burstable options on the international portions for Gold, Silver and Bronze. EIS also offers you the flexibility to double the required bandwidth between 6pm to 6am (bandwidth scheduling) and offers different traffic priorities for video, email, voice and remote desk sharing.

Internet speeds range from 1Mbps (Megabits per second) up to 1 000Mbps for hosted services and 2Mbps to 600Mbps for MetroLine on premise services. EIS is scalable as your business grows and provides “future-proof” speed increments:

  • Up to 130Mbps in increments of 1Mbps
  • Up to 600Mbps in increments of 5Mbps
  • Up to 1000Mbps in increments of 100Mbps

How Will Enterprise Internet Services Benefit My Business?

Schedule your bandwidth

  • Double your bandwidth between 6pm and 6am to suit the business applications that requires it

Prioritise traffic

  • Provide business-critical traffic with the bandwidth it needs.

Data centre or on premise connectivity

  • Host the product from either the data centre or on site for a similar price to enable cloud adoption

Burstable options

  • All options are burstable which allows you burstable international bandwidth when required, giving you maximum benefit on your service.

VoIP services

  • Move away from traditional land line calling to Voice over IP services (VoIP), which will significantly reduce your overall call spend.

Why Choose BCX?


We specialise in internet connectivity.


EIS offers you fast, uncontended internet connectivity. The various increments and internet types “future-proofs” your business by meeting your requirements today and tomorrow


We are a solutions provider, which means we can advise and provide the other elements required to give you the best business outcome.

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