Introduction to Copper Broadband Access

Enjoy always-on, high-speed data access to the internet with Copper Broadband Access and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

What is Copper Broadband Access?

In today’s digitalised world, time is money, and no businesses can afford to operate with slow internet connectivity. A good broadband connection provides your business with a greater capacity to send and receive data and perform all the business functions associated with this; including accessing the internet, sending and receiving emails, streaming video, downloading files, instant messaging, Voice over IP (VoIP) communications and much more.

The always-on connectivity means you have flexible and dynamic access to the internet, improving business productivity. Enjoy high-speed downloads with download sync profiles from 4Mbps to 10Mbps, depending on which ADSL products best suit your needs. VDSL offers you a 20Mbps and a 40Mbps option.

Copper broadband access gives you high-speed connectivity at a predictable flat rate which makes budgeting easier. Choose between numerous capped and uncapped offerings which will best suit your business based on data usage.

How Will Copper Broadband Access Benefit My Business?

Choose what you need

  • You are given a choice of what line speed will best suit your business in terms of need and affordability.

Predictable Cost

  • ADSL and VSDL have a fixed monthly price eliminating any bill shock and saving on costs.

Scale as you need

  • Scalable for sites with multiple users, this product allows you to cater for all your employee and business needs.

Add on more value

  • Copper broadband access is easily bundled with a host of other value-added services.

More About Copper Broadband Access

Broadband is a data communications technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voice-band modem can provide. It does this by using frequencies that are not used by voice telephone calls to transmit internet (IP) traffic. Broadband speed is the rate that information is sent (upload or upstream speed) or received (download or downstream speed) on the line and is measured in ‘Mbps’ (‘megabits per second’).

The BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server) provides your necessary profiles linked to the authentication required for access to internet related services. A plain old telephony service (POTS) filter is connected to the telephone plug to filter out the noise between the data and voice channels on your line. A router is then connected to the telephone plug and the telephone to the filter. The PC/end-user device is then connected to the modem via an ethernet cable or or Wi-Fi. Fixed broadband does not offer guaranteed speed as the internet connectivity speed is dependent on the available capacity between the exchange (Digital subscriber line access multiplier – DSLAM) and the IP network. This is why it is referred to as a best-effort experience.

DSLAMs are being replaced by Multiservice Access Nodes (MSAN) as BCX moves towards next generation network broadband services.

Why Choose BCX?


Couple your copper broadband access with an internet package and prioritise your Voice over IP services.


Choose between unique bundles that enable a total business outcome.


We have a host of add-on features which can give you the full digital experience.

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