Converged Connectivity

What is Converged Connectivity?

At BCX we appreciate that today’s business world expects you to have anytime, anywhere, and ‘always on’ connectivity. It’s a key factor in ensuring sustainability in a digital economy, whether you’re a global, corporate, or government organisation. We provide enterprise-wide internet connectivity and digitization; from multi-site superfast broadband access that could be via copper, fibre, satellite, or mobile, to capped or uncapped Internet Service Provider (ISP) options. We not only provide your internet connectivity, but we’ll also help you design, set up, and actively manage your business network, whether it’s a combination of a Wide Area Network (WAN), a Local Area Network (LAN), or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When you adopt a Converged Connectivity approach, you create an environment in which everyone in the organisation has ‘always on’ local or remote access, across all the devices they use as tools of their trade, while maintaining the levels of security your business requires to run IP based services efficiently and optimally. Our solution deliver converged communications, internet, and managed network service capabilities, whether you need them for your own business, or need to supply converged connectivity and communications to your clients and customers. At BCX we offer expertise to industry partners in both the private and public sectors, from mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing, through to retail, financial services, health, education and telecommunications.

Our BCX Converged Connectivity portfolio range includes Broadband, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Value Added Services (VAS), Converged Communications, Managed Data Access, and Network and Multi-tenancy Services, as well as Satellite and Global Services.

How Will Converged Connectivity Benefit My Business?

One Stop Shop

  • Consulting and design services for your network
  • Implementation of your network
  • Management and performance monitoring
  • Reporting

Communication and Collaboration

  • Connect individual users
  • Connect multiple locations
  • Collaboration for global, corporate or government enterprises
  • Consistent access to corporate information

World Class Networks

  • Reliabilty
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Efficiency

Digital Readiness

  • Architecture that is future proof
  • Workspaces that enable staff mobility
  • An ideal blend of Information technology (IT) and human resources
  • Automate inefficient processes

Seamless Connectivity

Driving Efficiency and Customer Engagement


An in-depth analysis into why your business – large or small – needs to embrace converged connectivity, to get closer to your customers and offer a seamless experience, whilst still reducing costs. Learn why BCX is the perfect partner for your organisation as you travel the journey towards converged connectivity.

Why choose BCX?


We’re one of the leading Wide Area Network (WAN) providers in Africa


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that can be adapted for any size business


We offer 24 hour technical support from our world class Network Operations Centre (NOC), which operates 7 days a week, 365 days a year

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