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Let’s explain ONE CLOUD

Hybrid IT is here to stay. More and more businesses are rethinking the capital expense of acquiring and maintaining their own infrastructure and moving to pay-per-use models. The BCX One Cloud allows for agile, cost effective operations, freeing your organisation from procuring and maintaining computer hardware, software and services – allowing you to focus your budgets and people on higher business value initiatives. BCX’s One Cloud is a modular solution that can be shaped to fit your needs. Let us build a hybrid solution for you by combining our partner’s highly scalable public cloud offerings with your own private cloud components for the most flexible, rapidly adaptable infrastructure on the market.

Leverage ONE CLOUD

The cloud marketplace offers a bewildering array of services covering all conceivable use cases. Finding the optimal mix to efficiently solve your unique business needs is a challenge, and One Cloud is the answer. BCX’s fully managed service offerings ensure that you get exactly what you need, in a dependable package that fits your budget.

BCX One Cloud can ensure local data residency by hosting your data and services at any one of our Data Centres to keep you fully compliant. If you need to preserve your existing infrastructure, we can help plan and implement a migration strategy. Per hour billing means that you only pay for what you use, as and when you need it.


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BCX has developed its own in-house cloud infrastructure and can build a solution to match your business requirements. Our experts can also provide connectivity solutions that effectively and reliably connects your organisation and to your distributed cloud components. We have also partnered with other industry players like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. If you need to preserve your existing infrastructure, we can help plan and implement a migration strategy. Whether you’re moving completely to the public cloud, or moving one service at a time, our consulting teams have the technology and the experience to ensure a successful implementation. BCX has already assisted enterprises in a wide range of industries to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. With our expertise, we can help you optimise an agile and efficient cloud infrastructure.