Big Data Analytics

What Is Big Data Analytics?

At BCX we know that all businesses nowadays generate vast amounts of information; it could be data relating to customers, suppliers, sales or operational processes, or even about your company’s power and water consumption. Collecting this data, however, is just the first step towards gaining a competitive advantage, because ideally you should be collating it and analysing it, so that it can be translated into knowledge. We do this for you by applying Big Data Analytics, so that ultimately you are able to interpret insights into what can be called true Business Intelligence (BI).

Turning ‘big data’ into real-time actionable insights will equip you to make informed decisions about a range of business issues, whether operational or strategic. We have the capacity and expertise to help you gather, report, and analyse high volumes of data. We do this by using a range of software applications that are able to extract data from disparate sources, whether they are legacy systems, or newly implemented.

The data is gathered in a central location, then analysed according to key performance indicators, and other industry-appropriate metrics, and subsequently interpreted to yield actionable business insights. When done correctly, this Big Data Analytics solution can inform operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and identify new opportunities. Our BCX Big Data Analytics portfolio offers you Big Data Consulting, Design, and Implementation, as well as Data Warehouse Modelling, Loading, Extraction, Transformation, Migration, and Data Modelling. We also take care of your Data Analysis, Reporting, and Dashboard Design requirements.

How Will Big Data Analytics Benefit My Business?

Data Visualisation And Sharing

  • Visualise data in a way that enables your entire organisation to understand information

  • Manage and share information in a centrally located, security-enhanced web environment

  • Interact with, evaluate and cross-reference data to enable real-time tracking against key performance indicators

  • Generate reports and analyses on all aspects of your business

Improved Productivity And Decision-Making

  • Optimise time management through reduced manual manipulation of data

  • Conduct statistical analysis, draw inferences and test hypotheses using software applications

  • Obtain real-time insights in a matter of a few seconds

  • Reduce costs, identify fraudulent activity, and optimise automated processes

Better Customer Relationships

  • Predict customer behaviour

  • Meet and exceed customer expectations by anticipating trends

  • Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

  • Enhance reputation and brand image through improved customer satisfaction levels

A Single Version of the Truth

  • Have confidence in the validity and integrity of data

  • Share a common set of terminology and definitions that improves communication

  • Enable consistent and efficient decision-making

  • Access the same data from any device

Big Data: Considerations and Trends for Enterprise Business


An in-depth exploration of the current status of big data, and how using analytics can benefit your business. Learn how BCX can help create your big data initiative, develop a roadmap for your big data platform, minimise the challenges, and help you leverage the opportunities provided by big data, to take your business into the future.

Big Data Analytics Products

Big Data Consulting, Design, and Implementation

Data Warehouse Modelling, Loading, Extraction, and Transformation

Data Migration and Modelling

Data Analysis, Reporting, and Dashboard Design

Why choose BCX?


We consult to a broad spectrum of public and private sector players, so we’re well positioned to offer relevant and appropriate best practice insights and use case experience


We approach Business Intelligence holistically, with the capacity to host the BI platform, enable access from anywhere on any connected device, manage the data, and develop dashboards for user friendly reporting

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