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BCX offers Cloud solutions to drive digital transformation and expedite your path to business value.

What is BCX Cloud

The adoption of Cloud continues unabated as business leaders recognise its role to enable their agility, speed-to-market, value creation and innovation agendas. As a disruptive technology, it has accelerated the enablement of workplace collaboration, business process automation, business analytics, mobility and IoT, to mention a few use cases. Gone are the days where Cloud was a means to only solve IT budget and resource constraints. Cloud is now a strategic driver and a critical component of digital transformation ambitions that can solve current and future business challenges.

As a business leader, you already recognise the relevance of employing Cloud to unlock value within your business. For this reason, BCX approached Cloud from Workload and Application-First perspective to build solutions that run business applications supported by a full suite of professional and managed services offering high availability and performance, self-service and on-demand, near real-time access to scalable infrastructure resources, backed-up by industry leading SLAs, security and compliance solutions, all whilst achieving superior economics to maximise your IT investments.

Allow BCX Cloud to take your business to the next level of your digital transformation journey.

BCX as a Cloud Partner



BCX recognises that agility is key to achieving business outcomes and has the right, cost effective, secure and fully managed Cloud Infrastructure services that align with your business needs.

BCX understands organisations will be driven by cost, modernisation, process optimisation and innovation. BCX’s Cloud has therefore, been built around our extensive cloud experience supporting agility, reliability, performance, availability, elasticity-to-scale, security, modernization, self-provisioning and automation and cost containment through consumption-based billing as key business benefits.

Local data residency, data sovereignty, GDPR and POPI are important factors for choosing BCX Cloud supported by our geographically dispersed data centers that are cloud ready and with carrier class connectivity solutions. BCX Cloud has been built around security and compliance and SLAs ensuring business continuity.

Leverage BCX’s expertise:

  • Key local technical skill sets
  • Existing experience and cloud ecosystem
  • Local market knowledge and innovation trends
  • Strategic partner’s innovation and modernisation roadmaps
  • Successful track record in Cloud solutions
  • Proven Cloud track record in Managed Cloud services
  • Cloud assessment, migration tools and technology
  • Expert SAP migration resources

Our Offerings

  1. Cloud migration and advisory services
  2. Infrastructure as a Service
  3. Connectivity solutions
  4. Enhanced security and compliance
  5. Mission critical application migration
  6. Microsoft and AWS Services

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Allow BCX Cloud to take your business to the next level of your digital transformation journey.
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