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Why BCX?

At BCX, we already partner with 70% of the retail sector, and have the largest footprint of in-store support in South Africa. We are uniquely equipped to help your organisation get true value out of not only your process and technology investments, but your people as well. We are here to help you embrace and manage the technology challenges that the advent of online shopping has had on the retail sector, so that you can speak to a new kind of customer in new ways.

Most importantly, the BCX specialists working alongside you are retail experts working in Information Technology (IT), not IT specialists working in retail. We leverage our longstanding collaborations with leading international players in retail Information & Communications Technology (ICT), including SAP, Oracle, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Dell EMC and many others on your behalf.

Our deep understanding of the retail value chain means we know exactly which systems and software you need to keep your business running efficiently. Whether it’s supply chain, helpdesk, cloud, analytics, or software you need to fully integrate your business systems, we have industry specific solutions and can manage the transition and provide support – in other words, it’s an end-to-end service.

BCX has three retail focused subsidiaries: UCS Solutions, UCS Technology Services and CEB Maintenance which gives us a growing capability to support you on your business journey.

BCX Solutions for the Retail Sector

Retail and Supply Chain Services

Managed Services

SAP Solutions and Services

Retail Fashion Solutions

Single Store Solutions

Fuel Retailer and Fleet Management Solutions

Mobile Applications for Healthcare Management

Performance Monitoring

Retail in a Digitalised Future

Find out what Millennials, born 1980 to 2000, and Generation Y children, born after 2000, expect from the retail sector in the future. The results may well surprise you, and reinforce that digitalisation is critical for your organisation.

ICT Solutions to Drive Competitive Advantage


Take advantage of the insights our retail specialists at BCX have gained from having a 70% share of the retail ICT market in South Africa. Understand the jargon: omnichannel, mobile, social, showrooming, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, wearables, cloud,Next generation networks, – and why this never-ending list of trends and innovations reflects the rapid pace of change in the retail industry.

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