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Why BCX?

At BCX, we have decades of experience as the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) partner to government, so we are in a unique position to conceptualise, create and implement the integration of IT systems throughout the public sector. We have partners in all four clusters of government, which foster an integrated approach to governance, across all levels of government, from National to Local. We also work with State Owned Entities. Our solutions help you with planning, decision making and service delivery, with the goal of fulfilling government’s key outcomes, and ultimately, its goals for the people of South Africa.

We know that as a public sector player you have a mandate to improve your performance, but also to manage costs efficiently. Our team of experts can show you how to do more, with less. We’ll help your improve business processes, reduce the need for ICT support services, and get the most out of your technology and people. Our services and solutions can be tailored to meet deliverables across government’s four clusters: Economic Sectors, Employment, and Infrastructure Development; Governance and Administration; Social Protection, Community and Human Development; and the International Cooperation, Trade and Security Cluster.

We work with suppliers to provide technology that assists you, in the public sector, to deliver connectivity and enable the use of digital technology and devices such as e-Government services to communities. We have an extensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions that are specifically customised to meet the requirements of government, such as service delivery, rural development, department productivity, cost reduction and citizen safety. These are long-term problems that we can start tackling with long-term solutions.

Our track record of proven end-to-end ICT and telecommunications capabilities means you know that you are in good hands. We service the four key government clusters, with our unrivalled secure data centre and network infrastructure, which includes 147 000 km of fibre and 2 600 cellphone base stations. We have received awards for our service excellence, and have extensive geographical reach across South Africa.

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Service Delivery in a Digitalised Future

The age of Digitalisation has arrived and it’s fast changing the way the world works, including the way cities work. We are now seeing the emergence of Smart Cities.

ICT Challenges and Opportunities in South African Government Departments


BCX is uniquely placed to support government’s four-pronged “e-Government” strategy of digital readiness, digital development, building the digital future, and creating digital opportunities. Learn more about how a BCX partnership can help to realise these goals.

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