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Why BCX?

At BCX, we have decades of experience as the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) partner to government, so we are in a unique position to conceptualise, create and implement the integration of IT systems throughout the public sector. If you’re a healthcare sector player, adopting world-class technologies helps you to fulfil government’s key outcome of “a long and healthy life for all South Africans”.

We work throughout the public healthcare system, at National, Provincial and Local levels. Our solutions help you with planning, decision making and service delivery, and most importantly in the healthcare sector, integration of all systems, which in turn reduces costs and time-wasting paperwork. In line with government’s eHealth Strategy, we can partner with you to create a customised infrastructure for electronic health records. These records stay with a patient through his or her healthcare journey, and any hospital, healthcare provider or even district clinic can access patient information immediately and seamlessly.

We can work with you to develop digital platforms where professionals share educational information and collaborate on research. One challenge in healthcare in South Africa is access to clinics and hospitals. We have the resources and expertise to create a Telemedicine system to allow patients to be treated by a doctor, or team of doctors, in different locations, even when they are far away from a hospital or clinic. Another critical element to improving the health of our nation is to empower people to stay healthy; through our mobile capabilities, sending out information to them becomes simple, fast and cost effective.

BCX Solutions for public sector Healthcare Providers

Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Planning

Systems Integration

Cloud Computing

Managed Services

Application Management

Big Data Analytics

ICT Challenges and Opportunities in the South African Healthcare Industry


This white paper provides insight into how you can harness the power of Information and Communications Technology to meet South Africa’s healthcare needs, and how BCX can guide your journey into this exciting future.

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