Voice Bundle Discount Plan

Introduction to Voice Bundle Discount Plan

Does your business make a lot of calls to a lot of destinations every month? Would you like a bundled call plan that will lower your costs over all call types in return for a committed monthly usage? Then this is the product for you.

What is Voice Bundle Discount Plan?

Our PSB Voice Bundle Discount Plan is based around a series of minimum monthly spend thresholds per call type (local, long distance, international, fixed-to-mobile, and to other networks) which you need to reach and maintain in order to qualify for fantastic discounts. The Plan provides for increasing discounts per threshold you achieve: the higher the volume and the longer the term, the better the savings.

The great news is that we have structured the product so that the discount applies to your total company spend (including the spend of all your offices nationwide) instead of applying on just an account or location level.

With this product, you will also enjoy the benefits of pure per-second billing. All calls to local, long distance, international, fixed-to-mobile, and to other networks will be billed on a per-second basis with no minimum charges, and with no additional subscription, rental or maintenance fees.

How Will It Benefit My Business?

Save with pure per-second billing

  • No more minimum charges per call
  • Talk for two seconds and only pay for two seconds

Get Guaranteed discounts

  • Receive discounts on all call types if minimum thresholds are met
  • Discount applies to total company spend, including all office locations irrespective of size, spend or location.


  • The solution applies to all Telkom lines that form part of the Billing Hierarchy, including private branch exchange (PBX), direct and fax lines.

Why Choose



Our reliable and robust network gives you crystal clear calls.


We have national coverage so you can contact anyone, anywhere.


We are moving to the Next Generation network, which will allow you to evolve and digitally transform your communication solutions.


Our product offering is comprehensive allowing you converge your solutions.


Our products are easy to use.


We have a wide variety of value-added features to choose from.


You won’t have to wait for long installation or rollout plans. As soon as the Billing Hierarchy is in place, you are good to go.

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