Introduction to Televoting

Our premium-rated Televoting solution allows your customers to vote on events and other activities by using their phone.

What is Televoting?

Televoting, a vote-by- phone service, is an easy way for you to receive opinions and feedback from your customers on events and other activities. Designed to handle a high volume of short-call responses (up to 20 seconds), Televoting increases revenue for your business by generating high-call volumes within a short period.

Televoting is offered in partnership with a service provider who acts as the service administrator and receives a portion of the revenue generated. This revenue is then shared with media vendors and promotional clients. Televoting numbers are ten-digit numbers, starting with 08621.

A premium-rated service allocates premium, easily distinguishable telephone numbers to telephone calls during which certain services – fax-to- email, televoting and competition lines – are provided. The solution delivers content customised to a subscriber via a mailbox, smart-phone, a pager or the Web. This content can be organised like a profile, based on subjects of interest to the caller, or can be based on an event, like a competition.

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Email: Graeme (Director )- and Pieter Tel: 011 293 0000 or 0103


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Email: Monique Grobler Tel: 011 554 4200 Website:


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Email: Sibusiso Ximba Mobile: +27 82 997 4273

How Will Televoting Benefit My Business? 

Improve customer service

● Measure public reaction effectively and efficiently and make business decisions based on your customers’ needs and wants


● Measure public reaction in a cost-effective manner

Generate income

● Increase revenue by generating a high volume of calls in a short period

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It is safe and reliable

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