SupremeCall Calling Plan

Introduction to SupremeCall Calling Plan

Save up to 25% on your total voice call spend with a month to month contract-free SupremeCall Package. Pick a plan between R200 and R300 000 based on your monthly usage. This will effectively buy you pure per-second-billing minutes which applies to most voice calls. At the end of the month, a portion of the unused amount will be carried over to the next month.

What is SupermeCall?

With plans ranging from R200 – R300 000, SupremeCall is suitable for small, medium and large businesses. These plans are usage based and give businesses significant cost savings by offering pure per second billing on all major call types which are local and long distance, mobile and international.

Choose a plan that best suits your monthly usage, no strings attached, as businesses are not tied into any contracts, which means you may upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime to suit your business needs. If you don’t use your full value you will carry over a portion of the unused amount to the next month.

SupremeCall is offered on an account level, so all the business’ telephone numbers on the account will enjoy the same benefits. This enables maximum savings

How Will SupremeCall Benefit My Business?

Pay for what you use

  • Major call types are billed on pure per-second billing, which means you pay only for what you use.

Carry over your unused plan value

  • Depending on the package you choose, your business can carry over a pre- determined percentage to the next month.

Benefit from all your numbers

  • SupremeCall is offered on an account level, meaning all your business’s telephone numbers benefit.

Upgrade or downgrade as you need

  • This is a no-contract plan, meaning you can upgrade or downgrade with no penalties.

Save up to a quarter of your monthly call spend

  • You can enjoy a combined savings of up to 25 per cent on the inclusive amount of usage purchased.

More About SupremeCall

SupremeCall Monthly Subscription (Incl VAT)

  • SupremeCall 200 :R201.76
  • SupremeCall 300: R302.63
  • SupremeCall 500: R504.39
  • SupremeCall 1,000 :R1,008.77
  • SupremeCall 1,750 :R1,765.35
  • SupremeCall 2,500 ;R2,521.93
  • SupremeCall 4,000 :R4,035.09
  • SupremeCall 6,000 :R6,052.63
  • SupremeCall 8,000 :R8,070.17
  • SupremeCall 10,000 :R10,087.72
  • SupremeCall 12,000 :R12,105.27
  • SupremeCall 15,000 :R15,131.58
  • SupremeCall 18,000 :R18,157.89

Please ensure you are on the plan most appropriate for your unique profile as this will prevent any unused plan value being forfeited.

  • SupremeCall 20,000 :R20,175.44
  • SupremeCall 30,000 :R30,263.16
  • SupremeCall 40,000 :R40,350.88
  • SupremeCall 50,000 :R50,438.60
  • SupremeCall 60,000 :R60,526.32
  • SupremeCall 70,000 :R70,614.04
  • SupremeCall 80,000 :R80,701.76
  • SupremeCall 90,000 :R90,789.48
  • SupremeCall 100,000 :R100,877.20
  • SupremeCall 150,000 :R151,315.79
  • SupremeCall 200,000 :R201,754.39
  • SupremeCall 250,000 :R252,192.98
  • SupremeCall 300,000 : R302,631.58

Why Choose BCX?


Our reliable and robust network gives you crystal clear calls


We have national coverage, so you can contact anyone, anywhere.


The plan is offered on a month-to-month basis, meaning you can upgrade or downgrade without fear of penalties.


All major call types are included in this plan.

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