Step Discount Calling Plan

Introduction to Step Discount Calling Plan

This solution is aimed at providing customers with a per-second billing (PSB) Step Discount solution for local, long distance,International, Fixed-to-Mobile and Other Licensed Operato (OLO) calls, at no additional subscription, rental or maintenance fees. The proposed PSB Step Discount will provide customers with volume discounts based on usage volumes with specific usage thresholds. The voice usage portion that exceeds a pre-determined call threshold will be discounted at an even better discount percentage.

What is Step Discount Calling Plan?

The news gets even better for those with linked accounts. All the linked beneficiary accounts will contribute to the voice usage of the payer account, meaning you can reach ever-higher discount thresholds. To ensure you get the maximum benefit, we will also structure the PSB Step Discount Calling Plan according to your unique usage profile.

How Will Step Discount Plan Benefit My Business?

Great discounts

  • Get discounts based on the call volumes you use. Every time you pass a call threshold, the portion of calls over and above the threshold will receive a higher discount percentage. The more thresholds you pass, the higher the discounts become.

Structured around you

  • The discount structures are based on your usage profile, maximising your savings

Save more

  • If you have a billing hierarchy, all the linked accounts will contribute to your voice usage. The billing hierarchy is a pre-requisite for all PSB plans.

Use easily

  • Once you have signed up and the billing hierarchy is in place, you are ready to enjoy the benefits of this plan. No extra call management systems are needed.

More About Step Discount Plan

The linked beneficiary accounts will contribute towards the voice spend of the Payer account. Step discount structures will be based on the usage profile of each Payer assuring maximum benefit for each Payer and ultimately for the customer. There should ideally be one Payer BAN for this solution.

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