Introduction to Standard SIP Trunking

A Standard SIP Trunk is a flexible, next-generation voice solution designed and implemented to meet various customer business requirements. Access agnostic, the Standard SIP Trunk can be provided over any type of data access.

What is Standard SIP Trunking?

Take your business’s communications to the next level with Standard SIP Trunking, a flexible solution which allows you to make and receive calls, and send multimedia over a data connection.

The Solution can be provided over any type of data access, including 3rd party internet access, broadband and QoS fibre and the quality of service depends on the characteristics of the access service chosen. For continuously high voice quality, it is best to use uncontended fibre service, configured for real-time traffic. Conversely, contended, best-effort access service can result in unpredictable voice quality and service – ranging from acceptable to extremely poor. For large businesses which require exceptional voice quality, the Premium SIP Trunking product is recommended.

The Standard SIP Trunk solution supports various redundancy configurations which ensures maximum availability of the service at the requested price point.

How Will Standard SIP Trunking Benefit My Business?

Keep your old numbers

  • The solution allows the retention of legacy numbers and ranges, which eliminates the hassle of advertising new numbers.

Decrease downtime

  • The solution supports various redundancy configuration, which increases uptime and decreases the risk of service outages.


  • Available in increments of 1 sessions (and only subscribe to the number of sessions required); which provides you with significant cost savings.


  • The Solution is designed and built to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose BCX?


Seamlessly migrate your legacy service numbers to the SIP Trunk


The Solution is designed and built to meet your unique requirements


Get a gull bouquet of services (voice, data and IT) from a single service provider.

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