Introduction to SmartAccess

SmartAccess is a single number call solution, which allows customers to reach you by dialling just one telephone number, no matter how many offices you have, or where they are located.

What is SmartAccess?

In business, phone calls are a crucial part of a customer’s experience, and should be one of the easiest ways for them to get in touch with the right people – instantly.

To help give your customers the best experience possible, and to save costs on forwarding calls, SmartAccess provides you with a simple, single non-geographic number solution, which has a variety of features designed to suit your business needs.

SmartAccess consists of intelligent call routing options which allow you to automatically route incoming calls to a variety of destinations depending on the location of the caller and the day and time of the call. Make your number memorable by incorporating your company name or service offering in the number and save costs with the numerous security features. The Admin feature allows you to make changes to the solution whenever you need to, while our reliable platform means you never have to worry about downtime.

Depending on how you want to structure call costs for your business and your customers, you can choose between three service options – FreeCall, ShareCall or MaxiCall. See below for more information.

How Will SmartAccess Benefit My Business?

Save costs and improve customer experience by routing calls

  • AreaCall: Route incoming calls to a branch closest to your caller’s locale. This can be to either national, provincial or even magisterial areas (excludes calls from cellular devices).
  • DateCalls: Automatically route incoming calls to different destinations on specific days of the year, like public holidays, for example
  • TimeCalls: Direct calls to a specific number during working hours and to another destination after hours.
  • PercentageCalls: If you have more than one branch serving one geographical area, you can route percentages of all the received calls to the listed destinations. This allows you to make sure all your branches are fully utilised.

Save costs by limiting calls

  • Limit who calls you, based on certain areas, specific numbers or service providers
  • A pre-recorded announcement will advise customers that the number is not available from the cell phone, or area they are calling from
  • SecureAccess: Ideal for closed user groups. Specify which cellular and landline numbers are allowed to place calls to your number and eliminate “unwanted” calls
  • CallerPin: Available only to 080 services, restrict access by means of a PIN

Never lose a call

  • With DivertCall: If you are unable to answer a call within 17 seconds or the line is busy, this feature offers two alternative answering points for each branch, one for no reply, and one for busy
  • With Multiple DivertCall: Allows up to five alternative answering points
  • Excludes cellular numbers
  • Free of charge

Create a memorable number

  • Our Golden Number feature allows you to choose your ten-digit number with the 080, 0860 or 0861 prefix.
  • This number is available as a number sequence or alphanumeric that is unique and easy to remember
  • Numbers are ubject to availability

Keep your customers in the loop

  • Our standard announcements inform customers that the service is only available during certain hours, or that the number has been changed, for example.

Get detailed reports

  • The Call Detail report contains details of successful ShareCalls (0860) and MaxiCalls (0861) numbers allowing you to pinpoint the success of advertising based on geographical activity and customer response
  • The SmartAccess Call Management report: Provides comprehensive information on all the calls made to the SmartAccess number

Manage features remotely

  • Change destinations, re-route calls and more with this feature.
  • To access this online tool, a working email address is required.

Let your customers choose

  • Give callers the option to select from a list of options without the need to transfer or forward the call to an alternative number

Why Choose



Created in 1999, SmartAccess is a well-established and trusted product.


We have added numerous features to the product which will suit a variety of unique business needs.


Our Platform is extremely reliable, well tested and proven in its capabilities. We have added redundancy to the system so that the failure of one component will not result in the failure of the entire system. Should the entire system fail, we have a hot-standby, geographically-separated disaster-recovery platform whose databases are synched to the main platform. If a fault is detected, control is automatically transferred to this duplicate system, eliminating any down time.

Product Plan Variations

Choose between three SmartAccess Solutions, and decide who pays for what.

FreeCall (080)

  • Any call made to a FreeCall 080 number is free of charge for the caller, irrespective of where the call is made or answered
  • This gives customers an added incentive to make contact and shows you value your customer base
  • If you receive calls from cellular numbers to your FreeCall number, you will be charged the SmartAccess long-distance call rate.
  • If linked to another service provider, the SmartAccess rate will apply to the provider

ShareCall (0860)

  • Customers can call your business from anywhere in the country at Telkom National rates.
  • If you receive calls from cellular numbers on your ShareCall number, you will be charged the SmartAccess long-distance call rate.
  • However, LimitCall allows you to block calls from mobile or other operators
  • If linked to another service provider, the SmartAccess rate will apply to the provide

MaxiCall (0861)

  • Callers are liable for the full cost of the call when the MaxiCall number is linked to a Telkom fixed line.
  • Calls will be charged at the Telkom national rate.
  • Excludes calls from cellular phones
  • If linked to another service provider, the SmartAccess rate will apply to the provider

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