Introduction to Competition Lines

This premium-rated service offers your business dedicated lines to manage competitions and collect information from participants using interactive voice response (IVR) – an automated telephony system which interacts with callers.

What are Competition Lines?

Calls to competition lines are routed via the Telkom network to the applicable service platform. Callers are instructed to answer questions and leave their personal details by the automated telephony system (IVR). This service is offered in partnership with a service provider who acts as the service administrator and receives a portion of the revenue generated from the calls. The revenue is shared with media vendors and promotional clients. Competition line numbers are ten-digit numbers, which begin with 08622.

A premium-rated service allocates premium, easily distinguishable telephone numbers to telephone calls during which certain services are provided. Examples of such services include fax-to-email, televoting and competition lines.

Premium-rated services deliver content that is customised to a subscriber via a mailbox, smart-phone, a pager or the Web. This content can be organised like a profile, based on subjects of interest to the caller, or can be based on an event, like a competition. This service is charged at a higher rate than standard services.

How Will Competition Lines Benefit My Business?

Save resources

  • Employees do not have to ‘waste’ their time answering calls and recording entries. This service does that all for you, allowing your staff to focus on their day-to-day activities

Earn money

  • This service generates money for your business

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