Per-Second Billing Single Rate Plan

Introduction to Per-Second Billing Single Rate Plan

How often are you shocked when you receive a bill from your network provider? It’s time to wave goodbye to bill uncertainty and stick to your budget with our Single Rate Plan; an offering which allows you to call who you like, when you like at a one set call rate.

What is the Per-Second Billing Single Rate Plan?

At BCX, we understand that you need the freedom to work or play without the constant fear of extra or hidden costs. That is why we designed the Single Call Rate – a product that promises predictability, peace of mind and a beautifully balanced budget.

Our Single Rate Plan means that you will pay a competitive single call rate, applied on pure per-second billing, for all your calls. Here, we mean local and long-distance Telkom-to-Telkom calls, national fixed-to-mobile calls, and calls to other networks, no matter the time or distance of your call. The only calls excluded from the Plan are international calls, which are charged at standard rates.

And at just 69c per minute applied on a per-second billing basis (excluding VAT), our Single Rate Plan can be further reduced to a pre-determined per-minute rate if you reach an overall threshold. This per-minute rate applies to all calls made at any time of the day or night.

How Will the Per-Second Billing Single Rate Plan Benefit My Business?

Cut costs and save

  • This solution provides a single, competitive rate on local, long distance, fixed-to-mobile and calls to other operators.

Budget better

  • Knowing how much each call will cost allows you to budget accurately.

Eliminate worry

  • Our Single Rate Plan applies to any network at any time and is offered on a billing hierarchy.

Why Choose



Our reliable and robust network gives you crystal clear calls.


We have national coverage, so you can contact anyone, anywhere.


We are moving to the Next Generation network, which will allow you to evolve and digitally transform your communication solutions.


You won’t have to wait for long installation or rollout plans. As soon as the Billing Hierarchy is in place, you are good to go.


Our products are easy to use. There is no need for extra call management systems or equipment.


We have a wide variety of value-added features to choose from.


Our product offering is comprehensive, allowing you converge your solutions

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