Introduction to Information Services

Information Services is a premium-rated service which allows your business to distribute important information to customers via a telephone instead of television or print. This means your customers are able to access information 24/7.

What are Information Services?

Calls to Information Service numbers are routed via the Telkom network (PSTN) to the service providers’ interactive voice response platform (IVR), on which information is available 24 hours a day. This means customers can contact your business to get information any time of the week or day. It also makes basic information available via the IVR, saving your call centre agents time to deal with more complicated queries. The numbers assigned to Information Services are fixed ten-digit numbers which start with 0867.

A premium-rated service allocates premium, easily distinguishable telephone numbers to telephone calls during which certain services are provided. Examples of such services include fax-to-email, televoting and competition lines.

Premium-rated services deliver content that is customised to a subscriber via a mailbox, smart-phone, a pager or the Web. This content can be organised like a profile, based on subjects of interest to the caller, or can be based on an event, like a competition. This service is charged at a higher rate than standard services.

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How Will Information Services Benefit My Business?

Improve customer service

  • Your customers are able to access information about your product or service 24/7
  • Reduce queues to call centres by screening calls and routing them to an automated voice esponse service

Utilise resources to fullest capacity

  • Reduce the number of queries handled by call centre agents, which allows them more time to focus on complicated queries.

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