Introduction to Fax-to-Email

Fax-to-Email is a value-added feature which enables users to receive faxes directly to the email addresses by converting incoming analogue faxes messages to digital documents and sending them straight to your email inbox as attachments.

What is Fax-to-Email?

Fax-to-Email is a convenient, paper-saving service which allows you to receive faxes to your email inbox as attachments, without needing a dedicated fax line or fax machine. Instead, the fax number is linked to an email address via the fax2email service platform.

To subscribe to Fax-to-Email, you will need to order the service through one of our service providers listed below. The service is easy to use: all you need is access to the internet, a valid email address and a Fax-to-Email number. These unique 086 numbers are allocated to you, which means you can advertise the number on company stationery.

How Will Fax-to-Email Benefit My Business?

Easy to use

  • As long as you have access to the internet and a valid email address, you can start to receive your faxes to your email inbox

Save on paper

  • Instead of printing each fax, this service converts the analogue version into a digital document

Unique number

  • You will be provided with a unique 086 number which you can advertise on business stationery such as business cards


  • Faxes will not be left lying around on machines for all to see. Instead, they are sent straight to the privacy of the recipient’s email inbox

Why Choose BCX?


Our service is safe and reliable


It is available 24/7


Numbers allocated are easily distinguishable

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