Introduction to Conferencing

Our advanced conferencing solution provides you with a simple, effective and inexpensive way to hold telephonic meetings with up to 40 suppliers, staff and customers, no matter where in the world they are located.

What is Conferencing?

As businesses grow and expand geographically, it becomes more difficult and expensive to hold the team meetings necessary to discuss new ideas, challenges or solutions. Our Conferencing product allows you to transcend physical boundaries and reduce costs and time associated with travel by meeting telephonically with up to 40 people instantly, conveniently and cheaply.

The Conferencing product allows you to communicate with people locally (including cellular phones) and internationally and requires no operators or pre-booking. All meeting participants are billed separately and will receive their own PINs to access calls, meaning your meetings will remain secure and confidential.

Using the Conferencing product is simple and can be done by following four easy steps:

  1. Dial 0862 000 000
  2. Select a non-consecutive, non-repetitive five-digit PIN code
  3. Share the PIN code with meeting members and let them know the time of the meeting
  4. Inform the participants to call 0862 000 000 and follow instructions. To join the conference, all they need to do is enter the PIN code you provided them with.

How Will Conferencing Benefit My Business?

Clear conferencing no matter where you are

  • Participants can mute their lines by choosing a listen-only option, which effectively eliminates any background noise

Know who joins a call

  • The names of all participants are recorded before they enter a conference and are played back to the group when they join
  • Organisers can also request a headcount, keeping you fully aware of who is present at all times


  • Generate up to nine sub-conferences during a call. Participants just need to press *93 and the number of the sub-conference they wish to join. Pressing 0 returns them to the main conference

Save costs

  • Each participant is billed individually for the call
  • Eliminate costs associated with travel and save valuable work time

Lecture Mode

  • The organiser can mute all other lines if a presentation or speech needs to be given

Secure conferencing

  • The organiser can secure a conference by pressing * 7, which immediately prevents anyone else from joining

Why Choose BCX?


The service can be dialled into from national, international, fixed and mobile access points


Our service is safe and reliable


The service is completely ad hoc and is available 24/7

Product Plan Variations

Select a product plan variation that is right for your business

We have a range of BizTalk packages designed to meet a multitude of different business needs. Have a look at your options.

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