Introduction to Business DoFax

Business DoFax is a premium-rated service which converts incoming analogue faxes to digital documents and sends them straight to your email inbox.

What is Business DoFax?

Business DoFax is a premium-rated services which allows you to receive faxes directly to your email inbox as attachments without needing a dedicated telephone line or fax machine. Available 24/7, this service also allows you to receive simultaneous faxes, while saving on paper and ensuring confidentiality.

When subscribing to the service (which you can do directly on this website) you will receive a unique 086 Business DoFax number which you can advertise on business stationery. For users, this service is absolutely free. The fax sender is charged a Business DoFax tariff of R1.82 (including VAT) per minute.

A premium-rated service allocates premium, easily distinguishable telephone numbers to telephone calls during which certain services are provided. Examples of such services include fax-to-email, televoting and competition lines. The solution delivers content customised to a subscriber via a mailbox, smart-phone, a pager or the Web. This content can be organised like a profile, based on subjects of interest to the caller, or can be based on an event, like a competition. This service is charged at a higher rate than standard services.

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How Will Business DoFax Benefit My Business?

Minimise downtime with two servers

  • With two call servers deployed remotely for disaster recovery purposes, if the main server breaks down, the standby server will automatically take over, minimising downtime.

Receive faxes cheaply

  • Business DoFax is free to the user. The fax sender is charged a VAT inclusive amount by Telkom

Unique number

  • Once you’ve signed up for the service, you will receive a unique 086 number which you can advertise on business stationary

Safe and convenient

  • With no dedicated fax line or machine needed, this solution also saves paper and makes sure your faxes remain confidential

Why Choose BCX?


Our service is available 24/7


It is safe and reliable


It is completely free for the user

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